'You want to be what Roger Federer is', says Next Gen star

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'You want to be what Roger Federer is', says Next Gen star

Game for Roger Federer. Two years after signing with Uniqlo, the champion finally reveals the return of an accessory much loved by his fans. “After a long wait and meticulous fine-tuning - said the tennis ace in a statement -, Uniqlo and I are extremely excited to announce the return of the RF hat in 8 new colors starting December 8, 2020.

This hat has meant so much to me and my fans over the years. It gave us a way to connect visibly and I appreciated being able to grow with this energy and support from fans. I want to thank Uniqlo for this commitment and I can't wait to see everyone in the near future."

Meanwhile, French Open 2020 junior champion Dominic Stricker recently talked about the brilliance of his countryman Roger Federer. The Swiss teenager also expressed his desire to emulate Federer.

Stricker on his passion for Roger Federer

“I don't know if there will be another player in the history of men's tennis who will play as well and win as much as he does,” Dominic Stricker said.

“But you see Roger Federer, and of course you want to be what he is." In an interview from October this year, Stricker had revealed how Federer and Wawrinka had reached out to him as well as Riedi after the match.

“Roger and Stan both texted,” Stricker had told itftennis.com. “Roger texted the coach of Leandro and said to pass on his congratulations to both of us, telling us to enjoy what we’d achieved. Stan also messaged both of us yesterday in a chat to wish us good luck”.

It’s almost time for the first Grand Slam of the upcoming season- Australian Open 2021. However, there is still skepticism over some of its measures. The 14- day quarantine is one such measure that most players are not in a mood to agree to at the moment.

The ATP Players Council has also not made up its mind and is yet to approve these measures. With the change of dates and the introduction of new protocols, the Player’s Council has to submit its approval for the same.

The vote for the same has already started and now it will depend on the players to decide. Amidst all the issues, the 14-day quarantine seems to be the major problem for the players. It will be quite strict as the players will only be able to leave their hotel for five hours in order to eat and train.

This has received some serious criticism from players like Benoit Paire and other professionals. It’s now up to the Council to take the decision on the matter.