Roger Federer: 'My parents are going crazy'

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Roger Federer: 'My parents are going crazy'

Roger Federer should return to pick up the tennis racket in January. The news is such given that the former number one in the ATP rankings has not played for a year and not only for the pandemic. The knee operations took a long time and resulted in a long stop.

King Roger is still ready to do battle and despite his age, 40 in August, he does not hide his goals which have the shape of the Olympic rings. During a live Instagram session, with his friend Uniqlo testimonial and tennis player Kei Nishikori he talked about the goals for next season.

The Olympic gold medal is in the lead, one of the few awards missing from the Basel champion who got gold "only" in the double tournament in Beijing 2008. “It was a shock to all of us that Wimbledon announced that it would not be held due to the pandemic, and shortly after the Tokyo Olympics were postponed.

I hope that the Olympics can be held in Tokyo next year, it is one of my great goals - he explained during the broadcast -. I really hope to be in Tokyo for this ”. No mention, and the fans thank the retirement: Federer has always reiterated that as long as he has fun and is able to play, he will not stop.

Roger Federer on getting back the RF Cap

Recently while speaking to Roger Federer, about the feeling he has on acquiring the ‘RF’ logo back, he said, “Look, obviously I’m very happy. It’s been something I’ve been waiting to happen for a while now.

I always knew that with Nike it would come back. In the short term, I just tried to get it back sooner for the fans and now that it’s here, I’ve been working with Uniqlo for some time now to get it back. They are a great company.

Their inputs have been wonderful. The style, look, and the process was great”. Federer also revealed that his parents are really thrilled about receiving this news and seeing the reaction from fans. He also added, “For me personally, I’m very proud of it.

My parents are going crazy with all my fans knowing about it coming out. On December 8 it is officially going to be launched. It’s exciting times because it’s an iconic fan piece for all the people in the Tennis community who have supported me over all these years”.