'Roger Federer was really lucky that his long injury layoff...', says top analyst

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'Roger Federer was really lucky that his long injury layoff...', says top analyst

There is great anticipation for Roger Federer's return to the field, which should be at the start of the Australian Open 2021. The former world number 1 has not played an official match since the semifinal against Novak Djokovic in Melbourne this year, before undergo a double operation on his right knee to resolve an injury that had afflicted him for some time.

Thanks also to the delicate situation linked to the global pandemic, the 20-time Grand Slam champion preferred not to force recovery times by closing his 2020 well in advance and giving the appointment directly to 2021. The new ranking system has allowed the Swiss to keep a place in the Top 5, an auspicious sign for the Australian Open.

According to the latest rumors, the Happy Slam should take place from 8 to 21 February, so as to allow players to travel to Australia and carry out the two weeks of mandatory quarantine. In the latest episode of Match Points, well-known New York Times reporter Ben Rothenberg analyzed Roger Federer's and Serena Williams' chances of winning another major next year.

Rothenberg on Roger Federer

“I think I'm going to pick Roger Federer just because ironically I think Serena Williams has come close too many times,” Ben Rothenberg said. “I do feel like Serena, at some point in these late rounds, some sort of demons can creep up on her.

If she gets into another final, she doesn't maybe trust herself as much in the final as Roger would. Both of them have their best shot at Wimbledon," Rothenberg added. "Roger was really lucky that his long injury layoff happened during the one year there was no Wimbledon.

I don't discount either of their chances but I would give a slight edge to Roger”. Recently, in his blog named Gates Notes, Bill Gates expressed his fascination for Federer and getting awestruck while watching the 8-time Wimbledon champion.

Last year the billionaire paired up with Federer, for a celebrity exhibition match against the doubles team of Rafael Nadal and The Daily Show host, Trevor Noah, in Cape Town, South Africa. The proceeds of the match went to Roger Federer Foundation to support educational projects for underprivileged kids in African countries and Switzerland.

In his article, the billionaire talked about how surprised he was when he got to know that Federer had never played competitive tennis until he was a teenager. Having played a wide range of different sports, including skateboarding, swimming, ping pong, soccer, and badminton, Federer never received fancy coaching during his growing-up years.