'2021 is probably a last great shot for Roger Federer', says top journalist

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'2021 is probably a last great shot for Roger Federer', says top journalist

Like Roger Federer, Serena Williams also never ceases to amaze us. Like the Swiss she was born in 1981, but at the end of September. Winner of 23 Grand Slam titles today, her first Tour success came in February 1999 in Paris, when she defeated Amélie Mauresmo in the third set tiebreaker in the final.

A few months after her here is her first Major seal, which came to her US Open against Martina Hingis. In 2002 she reached the top of the WTA ranking for the first time, a position that she held for a total of 319 weeks overall (she is third in this special ranking, behind only Steffi Graff with 377 and Martina Navratilova with 331).

She is also very strong in doubles, in this specialty she has won 14 Grand Slam trophies together with her sister Venus, without considering the two won in mixed doubles together with Max Mirny. She also boasts four gold medals at the Olympic Games, as well as five WTA Finals singles successes.

Twenty-five years after her professional debut, Serena is now in 11th position in the world rankings and a few weeks ago she once again reached the Flushing Meadows semi-final, lost in a comeback to Viktoria Azarenka. Ben Rothenberg, Marion Bartoli and Noah Rubin recently assessed Roger Federer's chances of winning a Slam in 2021.

Out of the three, Rothenberg is the only one who thinks Federer is likelier to win another Slam than Serena Williams.

Rothenberg on Roger Federer's chance in 2021

“I think I'm going to pick Roger Federer just because ironically I think Serena Williams has come close too many times,” Ben Rothenberg said.

“I do feel like Serena, at some point in these late rounds, some sort of demons can creep up on her. If she gets into another final, she doesn't maybe trust herself as much in the final as Roger would. Both of them have their best shot at Wimbledon," Rothenberg added.

"Roger was really lucky that his long injury layoff happened during the one year there was no Wimbledon. I don't discount either of their chances but I would give a slight edge to Roger”. Rothenberg also feels that 2021 is the last chance for both Roger Federer and Serena Williams to add to their Grand Slam tally, given their age.

“Both turn 40 in 2021 I believe,” Rothenberg continued. “They're in uncharted territory. And it's going to be tough to see what happens with them, if they're able to keep contending, if the rest was good for both of them.

Both played a pretty small schedule, even though obviously Serena played more, they both have had time to rest and heal this year. Is that going to help? Is that going to hurt? I don't know. I think 2021 is probably a last great shot for them to win a 24th Grand Slam for Serena and a 21st for Roger”.