'Roger Federer's the one I feel bad about right away', says ATP star

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'Roger Federer's the one I feel bad about right away', says ATP star

In tennis there is a moment of maximum pressure. That moment in which a very balanced set and often a match is decided. These are just a few points, which can change the fate of a match or tournament. This moment is the tiebreaker.

There are those who have played more, some less. Some more important, some less. Who for technical and game characteristics is predisposed to get there more often, who has always tried to close the sets first. The fact is that everyone has had to deal with the tie-break sooner or later.

The tennis player who can be considered the most lethal in this phase of the match is Roger Federer, who out of 700 played has won 457 and lost 243, with a percentage of 65.29%. Behind him Novak Djokovic (65.26%) and Arthur Ashe (63.98%).

Among the active players, in seventh place we find Andy Murray, in tenth Milos Raonic and in twelfth John Isner. Rafael Nadal is only thirteenth, with 60.74% of tie-breaks won. French player Gilles Simon gave his experiences of playing against the Big 3.

He revealed that for him the hardest player to beat was Rafael Nadal compared to Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic.

Simon believes Novak Djokovic is strongest amongst Big 3

“For me, the hardest thing to beat is Rafael Nadal.

Novak Djokovic, I like his style of play and I have often given him a lot of problems. Roger Federer, I beat him 2 times and brought him 2 times in 5 sets,” Gilles Simon said in an interview with Paris Match. And lastly, the most elegant and impressive player is Federer.

Although Federer is easier to beat according to Simon, his different game style from Nadal and Novak Djokovic puts a lot of pressure on the opponent. Simon said, “The most impressive remains Federer when you feel what he imposes on a pitch.

Even if he’s the one I’m most likely to beat on the pitch, he’s the one I feel bad about right away, because he immediately puts a lot of pressure on you. Whereas with Novak or Rafa, I know that we will have done 75 rallies after 2 games but it is not “stressful”.

The match settles down. Whereas with Roger, things go so fast, it’s impressive because it immediately puts a lot of pressure on you,” Simon said. Roger Federer underwent a surgery on his right knee in February, followed by another procedure in June, which sidelined him for the rest of the year.

However, the ATP tour has put in place a revised ranking system due to the pandemic whereby a player can retain his points from the 2019 season if he didn't play that tournament in 2020. The new rule has helped Federer maintain his position in the top 5, as he has retained a bulk of his points from last year.