Roger Federer reveals his most memorable Christmas gift

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Roger Federer reveals his most memorable Christmas gift

Roger Federer despite being away from the playing fields for some time, due to a knee problem for which he also underwent surgery, continues to grind impressive numbers with his brand. According to the Swiss newspaper Aargauer Zeitung, the Swiss champion has registered, through his company Tenro AG, four new brands: The Roger Clubhouse, The Roger Wildcard, The Roger Center Court and Roger Advantage.

Federer in this decidedly negative 2020 at a sporting level, as mentioned due to the knee injury, was able to console himself with the 105 million euros earned from advertising contracts and extra tennis income. A staggering figure that makes the Swiss champion one of the highest paid sportsmen in the world.

In recent days, the number 5 of the ATP ranking has reactivated its "RF" sub-brand, in collaboration with the Japanese Uniqlo, putting caps on sale: stocks sold out in about an hour. A clear demonstration of how much tennis fans and lovers are linked to Federer and everything that revolves around the Swiss champion.

Roger Federer recently appeared on a Christmas themed interview conducted by one of his sponsors. The Swiss Legend revealed how he eagerly awaited the Christmas dinner as a child.

Roger Federer on his Christmas memory

The World No.

5 fondly recalled his childhood days of celebrating Christmas, and revealed how he would always be ‘very excited’ about the big family dinner. “Christmas at home in Switzerland is cozy and special. Being in the mountains reminds me of my childhood,” Federer said.

“When I was a child, I was always very excited about Christmas dinner. My mother would decorate the table with Lindt chocolates and I’d often try to steal them before dinner”. Roger Federer went on to add that watching his children revel in the festive atmosphere makes him really happy.

“I really enjoy spending time with family, given my busy work and travel schedule,” Federer continued. “I love to see the sparkle in my children’s eyes when we light up the tree and then go and play outdoors when it starts to snow”.

Lastly, Federer revealed that his most memorable Christmas gift came from his wife Mirka. "Most memorable gift?" RF - "A photograph my wife Mirka gave me of our children." Due to legalities, Nike retained the rights to the ‘RF’ logo.

Just a week ago, Roger Federer received the rights of his ‘RF’ logo after over two years. Hearing that news did bring joy to the Federer family. Recently, the Swiss star launched another logo, which was even simpler than the previous one.

It goes with a capital R followed by a period. The move led to questions of whether the former Wimbledon champion wants to launch his own clothing line.