Roger Federer: 'When I stop playing tennis I’ll have time...'

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Roger Federer: 'When I stop playing tennis I’ll have time...'

Roger Federer gladly took stock of this very particular and in some ways shocking year in which the Swiss champion spent very few hours on a tennis court, thanks to the now well-known knee problems and this terrible Pandemic.

An anomalous, very complicated year that closes a special decade, in which bitter disappointments and amazing victories have alternated; in short, ten years pervaded by great emotions that have allowed Roger to feel more alive than ever even after the threshold of thirty.

The chat with his German colleagues was enlightening from many points of view, especially because he wanted to put aside the tennis played for a few minutes to concentrate on Federer's private life and on his personal feelings after these absolutely unrepeatable months that forced him away from play but at the same time happily close to loved ones.

Staying in the pits for so many months was not actually a real first time for the Swiss tennis player, who had already experienced a hiccup season in 2016 that was definitively interrupted after the defeat in the Wimbledon semifinal against Canadian Milos Raonic second experience turned out to be very different for what concerns the context in which he lived it, that is, far from tennis and immersed in a reality impossible to predict.

Recently, during an interview with Schweizer Illustrierte, Federer talked about his routine during the coronavirus pandemic and playing tennis with his four children. The host asked the Swiss Maestro whether his two daughters still played the piano and about his own music skills.

Federer reveals post retirement plans

“I would like to play an instrument again. Hopefully when I stop playing tennis I’ll have time. I used to play the piano. But of course I was more likely to play football, tennis or basketball.

Every week in piano lesson I had to explain why I hadn’t practiced any more and said: “That’s tennis”. Then it was said: “Well, Roger, let’s just try this song again”. I think it’s nice that the girls play, they do it pretty well, I’m proud of them”.

said Roger Federer. Married to former WTA player Mirka Federer, the couple had identical twin girls in 2009 and then had another pair of identical twins in 2014, this time boys. Out of action since February this year, Federer had ample time to play tennis with his four young children.

While Roger Federer is considered by many to be the greatest male player in the history of the sport, his kids don't think too highly of his insights. But the 39-year-old knows that eventually they'll have to come to him or Mirka for help.

"Meanwhile they also ask me if I come to play. At the beginning it was said: 'You are not my coach! Dad doesn't have to interfere in the game.' So I said: 'Okay, no problem, do it the way you feel is right. At some point you might come to me or Mommy'," Federer continued.