'All of a sudden that takes Roger Federer to 21', says former ATP ace

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'All of a sudden that takes Roger Federer to 21', says former ATP ace

When Roger Federer speaks, he is never banal, not even when he tells anecdotes about his life or about situations that can happen to anyone. The return of the Swiss player is now very close. Roger due to two surgeries on his right knee and the cancellation of a large part of the calendar due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only played this year at the Australian Open in Melbourne, where he was defeated in the semifinals by Novak Djokovic.

Millions of fans around the world are eagerly awaiting his return, wondering if he will be able to repeat a feat like that of 2017. The season will be even more interesting given the presence in the Tokyo Olympic Games schedule, postponed for twelve months from 2020.

due to the pandemic. The Swiss, who recently spoke on a podcast, revealed the dangers that lie in jet lag: it is that unpleasant feeling that accompanies us during long air travels that involve crossing numerous time zones, particularly common among tennis professionals.

"You absolutely have to think about it. That's why many professionals sacrifice a couple of days at home to go to a tournament first and try to overcome jet lag, but you also have to ask yourself if it's worth it."

During a recent interview with Express Sport, Greg Rusedski spoke about the exciting landscape in the year ahead and also alluded to Djokovic's and Nadal's chances of breaking more records.

Rusedski talks about Roger Federer

"I think the battle is between two guys," the former US Open finalist said.

"Not winning that US Open, that would've taken Novak Djokovic to 18 instead of 17 and now Rafael Nadal, you've got to give him the French unless [Dominic] Thiem can knock him off his pedestal in Paris. That's the only guy who can beat him in my opinion there.

He (Novak Djokovic) needs two Slams next year at least, or three." Greg Rusedski also claimed that Roger Federer's loss to Novak Djokovic in the 2019 Wimbledon final after having two match points could end up having a big say in the Grand Slam race.

"The points against Novak Djokovic, that must be the most heartbreaking loss of his career. [If he wins that] All of a sudden that takes him (Roger Federer) to 21 and leaves Djokovic right now at 16 and he's still ahead in the race over Nadal," Rusedski stated.