Roger Federer: 'It would be a wonderful step into new endeavors'

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Roger Federer: 'It would be a wonderful step into new endeavors'

Although doubts about the participation of the Swiss phenomenon persist, in the list of participants in the Australian Open released today, among others, the name of Roger Federer is included. However, the former world number one has not yet made official his presence in Melbourne from 8 to 21 February.

Eleven days ago the Swiss announced that he was waiting to make a decision as his condition after the two knee operations was still not at its best. Among the women was also included the name of Serena Williams, who has not played a match since retirement due to an Achilles tendon injury at Roland Garros at the end of September.

For a large part of his career, Roger Federer had an endorsement with Nike. From 1994, he wore their clothes and shoes. However, 2018 marked the end of this partnership as the Swiss maestro decided to work with Uniqlo. Why did he make such a shift?

Federer on his partnership with Uniqlo

“I had an opportunity to look at what’s out there, and we approached Uniqlo, I thought it would be a wonderful step into new endeavors, an entrepreneurial stage…I really wanted to make the best apparel, the best-looking apparel for a tennis player in recent years, I want to re-do that, and recreate the coolest things with Uniqlo" - Roger Federer said.

Currently, things are going smoothly for Roger Federer with Uniqlo. He has been enjoying the clothes that they are making for him. When he first wore them on the court, he said, “I feel good in my clothes, I can focus on tennis, and it fits.

I like it, and I get a lot of compliments on it, so I’m very happy”. A video has emerged of Roger Federer practicing on the tennis courts of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dubai. This is one of the first clips showing the Swiss legend hitting a tennis ball since his double knee surgery.

Firstly, the 39-year-old appears to have his footwork in shape, with not much visible discomfort in his knee. Moreover, given that the 2021 Australian Open is held in the summer heat, it is an encouraging sign that Federer has chosen to practice in Dubai's warm climate.

The middle eastern city is a favored practice and holiday destination for Roger Federer; he generally flies there during December every year to prepare for the Australian Open. As such, Federer following the same routine this year indicates that the Swiss star is hopeful of participating in the Australian Open next year.