'I'll take Roger Federer's forehand and...', says young star

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'I'll take Roger Federer's forehand and...', says young star

“I am Jannik Sinner” is the title of the special, aired on December 26th, which Sky Sport wanted to dedicate to Jannik Sinner. Stefano Meloccaro was interviewing the young Italian tennis star. Among the many questions that the famous sports journalist asked Sinner, one of the most interesting is certainly the one relating to the creation of the ideal tennis player.

The South Tyrolean did not refuse the challenge and chose the best tennis player for each shot. The serve is that of John Isner, by far one of the best hitters in tennis history. The best forehand and backhand are respectively those of Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, who together have won 37 Grand Slam tournaments: 20 for the Swiss and 17 for the Serbian.

For the net game and mentality, Sinner finally indicated Rafael Nadal. The focus then shifted to what, according to Sinner, are his best shots and the qualities that distinguish his game and his attitude on the pitch. Sinner was recently asked one of the most common questions that has been put forth to tennis players over the years - what would his 'perfect player' look like?

Sinner builds his 'perfect player'

The young Italian named the forehand of Roger Federer and the backhand of Novak Djokovic as part of his ideal player.

"I'll take John Isner's serve, the return of serve and the mentality of Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer's forehand and Novak Djokovic's backhand," Jannik Sinner said. The Italian would like to play around twice the number of matches that he played last year, so that he can get used to the grind of the tour.

"I hope it's a normal season," Sinner said. "I don't like setting goals in terms of ranking. I simply want to play as many games as possible, approximately 60. Playing a lot means that things are working well and I improve a lot in terms of resistance."

Fans would really like to see the Federer fairytale continue for as long as possible. Whenever he makes his return on tour, those moments will be cherished. Although his grand slam record is under threat, winning another title at the prestigious Wimbledon will be monumental.

Many would agree that tennis will surely lose an asset the day he bids goodbye. Tennis fans, who awaited his arrival in Melbourne, will hope to see him play early in the year. Federer, too, would be dying to take on the court in a professional tennis match very soon.