'Roger Federer did not want to play defense as much', says former No. 1

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'Roger Federer did not want to play defense as much', says former No. 1

Roger Federer, who turned 39 in August, will thus miss the Australian Open after 21 consecutive participations in Melbourne, from 2000 to 2020 (with six triumphs, the first in 2004, the last 14 years later). But he will also be absent from the third Slam in a row (in the previous 81 major tournaments he had not been at the start only 4 times, including three at Roland Garros).

At this point the date of his return is uncertain, even if the hypothesis of retirement still seems to have been averted: the Swiss champion has already said he is aiming for the Olympics (in addition to the appointment with Wimbledon): he could return with the start of the indoor season in Europe or You love me.

It was in Melbourne, that the semi-final of the Australian Open 2020 lost to Djokovic, dates back to Federer's last match. Speaking on the Tennis Channel, former World number 1 Andy Roddick also spoke about how Roger Federer was able to combine offense and defense better than any other player at the peak of his career.

Roddick pays tribute to Roger Federer

"During his prime, I think Roger Federer was the most offensive player in the world and simultaneously the best defensive player in the world," the American said. Andy Roddick added that Roger Federer has taken a more aggressive stance in recent years as he doesn't want to engage in longer rallies.

That changed even before this last injury," the 38-year-old said. "We all made a big deal about the bigger racket, he's taking cuts on his backhand. That was not a necessity. He did not want to play defense as much.

If the rally was not over in the first 2 or 3 shots, he was going to make sure it was over by the fourth shot, unless it as a deuce or a 30-all point. Similar to what we saw from Pete Sampras for a lot of his career."

The 2021 tennis season is beginning soon and fans are looking forward to the first Grand Slam of the year – the Australian Open. Unfortunately, this edition of the event has been complicated by the coronavirus pandemic.

Players are having many concerns, and one of the biggest ones is regarding travel. This is why the CEO of Tennis Australia provided an update in a recent tweet. He said: “There are a lot of pieces to this logistical puzzle and the last few are being finalised right now.

We will have as many as 18 planes and each will be limited to 20% capacity to ensure the flights are as safe as possible for everyone. We appreciate your patience and are conscious that time timelines are very tight, We are doing our utmost to get the flight details to the entire playing group as soon as possible. Thank you for bearing with us, we will get everyone to Melbourne”.