'Roger Federer and Djokovic’re pretty up there', says top physio

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'Roger Federer and Djokovic’re pretty up there', says top physio

Carlos Costa is a renowned physiotherapist who has worked for years with the best players on the male and female circuit. He has collaborated with former Roland Garros champion Ana Ivanovic, German Tommy Haas and more recently offered his services to Kevin Anderson, helping him reach the Wimbledon final in 2018.

Costa is currently under contract with the Portuguese federation. for the Davis Cup and the Fed Cup. In a very long interview granted to the Essentially Sports portal, Carlos touched on various topics, including Anderson's magical ride to the Championships two and a half years ago, when the South African also took away the satisfaction of beating his majesty Roger Federer in the backyard.

Costa opens up on time spent with Roger Federer

"That week, brings me a lot of memories like against Roger Federer, it was really unbelievable. We think we knew that Kevin was in really high performance at the time. And really in good spirits, feeling good, playing good.

He was just like everything was just rolling. And then when you play against Roger Federer, well, we know that Roger is the king of the grass. So he was very clear about what could happen. But when you go for a match, you always go with everything you can.

So we don’t go like we’re not 90%, we go 100% and we give it all and Kevin is like a player that really gives it all in that situation. And that’s what he did. We say we know that Roger is the best player of all time in tennis, for sure.

But you always have a chance. So keep fighting and keep challenging yourself because you never know sometimes the chance to sample and in the end we really happen" - Carlos Costa said. In 2012 Tommy Haas defeated the king of grass Roger Federer in the final of Halle: "That was another special moment.

We start not too early before that; I think we start working together, maybe half a year before, something like that. And then we start to be full on the tour. And then suddenly, because of the time, he was like 106 in the world and thinking, okay, maybe I’ll do one more year, and then I retire.

And then he suddenly starts to play better and better again. And then suddenly, he wins Halle against Roger. And we’re like, well, I think he still has something in the tank to keep going. So that was a really good final.

I think he did no unforced errors. And I was like, this is crazy. But if Tommy plays like this, he can be really good again. I mean, he told us after I think he was on the second set, that he was so tight and nervous. Those two fingers of the hand crank and he couldn’t shake the hand with the racket.

The racket was like holding in his hand because it was so tight from the nerves. But I don’t know how he did it, but he made it through. So it was really funny but was not funny, but afterward was funny to tell us."

So in your opinion, who do you think is the fittest ATP and the WTA tennis player? "That’s a good question. Novak Djokovic and Roger, they’re pretty up there. I think it is very difficult to distinguish between them.

Maybe nowadays, Nadal and Djokovic, I would say the males in the main side are the really fittest. Well, they can see because now Nadal just won Roland Garros again, and he’s playing unbelievable."