'Is Roger Federer hunting it down aggressively? Probably not', says top coach

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'Is Roger Federer hunting it down aggressively? Probably not', says top coach

Roger Federer will not play the Australian Open. The news was announced last week. The manager of the former world number one has made it known that the Swiss is recovering from knee surgery and wants to present himself at the top for the big summer events: Wimbledon and the Olympic Games, which Roger will play a few days before he turns 40.

But the forfeit for the first Grand Slam of 2021 was not produced by the physical conditions, but by the quarantine that all players will have to play in Australia. Brazilian Andre Sa, a former Brazilian player and great doubles specialist, revealed that King Roger has given up on the tournament due to quarantine.

The rules imposed by the Australian government are very strict. The tennis players from the moment they arrive will have to stay for 14 days in their hotel room and will be able to go out for a maximum of five hours a day, and will only be able to do it to train on the court or in the gym.

These are the words of Sa: "The quarantine was the main reason for the forfeit. I talked to him a month ago, he had two options. He could have come with the whole family and spent the quarantine period. The problem is that his wife Mirka and the children could not have left the room."

The former South American tennis player said that his friend Federer did not want to stay away from his family for too long, if he had flown to Melbourne he would not have seen his wife and children for five weeks: They were supposed to remain inside for fourteen days.

Roger could have gone out, trained and returned, but the family could not. Mirka didn't like this idea. She or she could get to Melbourne on her own. If so, she would have spent five weeks away from family and children. And she said to me, 'Dude, I'm 39, four kids and 20 Grand Slam titles.

I'm no longer in that period where I can leave my family for five weeks." On a recent podcast, top coach Roger Rasheed said that Roger Federer has the ability to win another Wimbledon, though will prioritise his search for his first Olympics gold in the singles.

Rasheed reflects on Roger Federer's future

“If Roger Federer snags another Major, probably Wimbledon’s the one. The French Open is tough physically, and demanding. So yeah, so if he snags another one, that’d be outstanding.

Is he hunting it down aggressively? Probably not. Would he want to win an Olympic Gold? Yes, that would sort of close his book on everything" - Roger Rasheed explained. Despite his praise for the 20-time Grand Slam champion, the Australian admits it is a matter of time before Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic surpass Roger Federer’s tally, given that they both have age on their side.

“You’ve got to be well aware and understand that Novak’s a lot younger, so you feel that the 3 Grand Slams are going to be chased down,” Rasheed continued. “Novak Djokovic’s definitely put it on his agenda.

Rafael Nadal’s gonna be around a little longer as well. Five years ago people were writing him off, saying his body is finished, well he looks just as strong now”.