'Roger Federer wants someone who can break it down when...', says analyst

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'Roger Federer wants someone who can break it down when...', says analyst

Roger Federer explained the absence from the Australian Open 2021 with family needs, which were summarized as follows by Andre Sa, who in his playing career had been in particular a good doubler: "I spoke to Roger a month ago - said the Brazilian -.

He could have come to Australia with his whole family and spent the quarantine period. The problem is that wife Mirka, like her children, could not have left a room for fourteen days. The only exception, in fact, concerns the players.

Roger could have gone out, trained and returned, the family could not. And Mirka didn't like this idea. Otherwise Roger might have come to Melbourne alone. But in that case he would have stayed away from his family for a long time ”.

We will talk about it later, but the feeling is that for Federer there are now at most two real big goals left: undoubtedly Wimbledon, which returns after the cancellation of 2020, and perhaps the Olympic gold in singles that is still missing in the legendary career.

by Roger Federer. Tennis Channel recently invited four-time Major winner Jim Courier and the legendary Martina Navratilova to discuss Roger Federer's relationship with Severin Luthi and what makes the duo tick.

Courier on Roger Federer

"You want someone to tell you the truth, because often times when you are a top player people don't," Jim Courier said.

"They are afraid, they coddle you. You want someone who can break it down when you're not doing it right and point you in the right directions. That's what you're paying them for. You can have all the yes people around you in the world, you want someone as a no person."

The reason Roger Federer and Luthi have bucked that trend, according to Navratilova, is the honesty in their relationship. "Most of the time people say yes because they don't want to be fired, but the player needs honesty," Navratilova said.

"And this is why I think the relationship between Roger Federer and Severin Luthi has lasted so long. Amazing how the two have lasted at a time where players are changing their coaches all the time." As we edge closer to the Australian Open 2021, authorities are engaged in the penultimate arrangements for ensuring a smooth run of events.

The coronavirus pandemic not only disrupted most of last season, but is also making it rather tough for organizers to go ahead with the new season. Right from the previous season to date, the effects continue to disrupt normalcy in tennis with the Australian Open also now pushed to February.