'People lose sight of that, but Roger Federer never has', says WTA legend

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'People lose sight of that, but Roger Federer never has', says WTA legend

The most loved tennis player in the world, Roger Federer, will not participate in the Australian Open 2021 and this has been known for some time. However, apparently, the slow recovery from the injury and the subsequent double knee surgery would not be the reason why Roger Federer decided to miss the Australian Open 2021.

Or at least not only that. These opinions are the fruit of the words recently stated by Andre Sa, a former Brazilian tennis player, who today is in charge of managing the official relations between the management of the Australian Open and all tennis players.

Here are the words of Andre Sa. From the words of Andre Sa it can be deduced that the main reason for Roger Federer's forfeit was the quarantine that the Australian government imposes on anyone arriving in the country from abroad.

In addition, the former tennis player revealed that he spoke with the Swiss tennis player a month ago: “He had two options. He could have come with the whole family and spent the quarantine period. The problem is that his wife Mirka, along with the children, could not have left the room.

They were supposed to remain inside for fourteen days. The only exception concerns the players." In short, Roger could have gone out to train, but his family could not. The second alternative was to go to Australia alone.

The thing, however, would have meant abandoning the family for five weeks. These are the words of Roger revealed by Sa: “Dude, I'm 39, four kids and twenty Grand Slams. I am no longer in that period where I can leave my family for five weeks"

Tennis Channel recently invited four-time Major winner Jim Courier and the legendary Martina Navratilova to discuss Roger Federer's relationship with Severin Luthi and what makes the duo tick.

Navratilova on Roger Federer

"What I like about Roger Federer, according to what Severin told me, he does not validate himself based on winning or losing.

He's still the same guy, you know. And people lose sight of that, but Roger never has," Martina Navratilova said. The reason Federer and Luthi have bucked that trend, according to Navratilova, is the honesty in their relationship.

"Most of the time people say yes because they don't want to be fired, but the player needs honesty," Navratilova said. "And this is why I think the relationship between Roger Federer and Severin Luthi has lasted so long.

Amazing how the two have lasted at a time where players are changing their coaches all the time. They're probably symbiotic. Severin has said he's learnt some things from Roger, of course Roger has learnt a lot of things from him. They kind of play off of each other," Navratilova added.