'It’s incredible that Roger Federer progressed as player to be...', says former star

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'It’s incredible that Roger Federer progressed as player to be...', says former star

Despite having a natural talent out of the ordinary, Roger Federer had to work hard to reach the top of the world rankings. The former world number 1 has changed his playing strategy even after the age of 30, opting for a wider head racquet and trying to catch the net more often.

The Swiss phenomenon won three more Grand Slams between 2017 and 2018, as well as touching an incredible triumph at Wimbledon 2019 that would have projected him to 21st Slam titles. In a recent interview with the ATP website, Lucas Arnold Ker (former world number 88) recounted his victory over King Roger in Gstaad in 2004, when the Swiss was still settling into the major circuit.

Although Federer had won Wimbledon only a few days earlier, the Argentine won thanks to the score of 6-4 6-4. The South American admitted that - at the time - he never imagined that the Basel citizen would become a global icon.

Ker recalls his match with Roger Federer

“I’m often reminded that I beat him but not many know that it was his first match on the ATP Tour," Lucas Arnold Ker said. "I never thought or imagined that Roger Federer was going to be one of the best in the world and in history, I really didn’t."

Of course, it goes without saying Ker is thoroughly impressed today that Roger Federer has gone on to achieve everything that he has in his career. “It’s incredible that he progressed as a player to be one of the best in history,” Lucas Ker said.

These statistics will keep piling up as long as Federer plays, but he has already managed to disprove Ker's initial notion about Swiss tennis players. “I had to play a Swiss junior and at the time Switzerland didn’t have much of a (tennis) history.

They weren’t very good players,” Ker said. As we edge closer to the Australian Open 2021, authorities are engaged in the penultimate arrangements for ensuring a smooth run of events. The coronavirus pandemic not only disrupted most of last season, but is also making it rather tough for organizers to go ahead with the new season.

Right from the previous season to date, the effects continue to disrupt normalcy in tennis with the Australian Open also now pushed to February. With less than a month to go before the Australian Open begins, players are getting ready for the warm-up tournaments prior to the first Major.

There are two ATP 250 events to be held in Melbourne and Adelaide simultaneously. Initially, both were supposed to be held in Melbourne.