'He's considered as a successor to Roger Federer because...', says former No. 1

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'He's considered as a successor to Roger Federer because...', says former No. 1

“I hate destroying the narrative. But Roger Federer would surely have played the Australian Open if he had been able to compete at the level he would have wanted. " With these words Simon Graf, biographer of the Swiss Maestro, casts a shadow over the words spoken a few days ago by André Sa, a former doubles player and today in charge of relations between the Australian Open and the players.

According to Sa, in practice, behind Federer's announced forfeit, there are no physical reasons - or at least not only those - but much more. The Brazilian has in fact revealed that Roger himself would have told him that he did not want his wife Mirka and children to spend two weeks in a hotel, nor, alternatively, go to Australia alone and thus separate from the family for about five weeks.

A thesis dismantled by Graf - who knows Federer very well - on Twitter. Graf himself then provided updates on the Swiss's recovery, envisaging his possible return for the Dubai Tennis Championships 2021: "I am quite optimistic - he wrote - I think he will play in Dubai in mid-March"

Meanwhile, Stefanos Tsitsipas is sweating it out in his pre-season training block and a fan handle on Twitter has shared a series of clips showing the long-haired Greek going through the paces and getting into the groove ahead of what will be a fiercely competitive and unforgiving men’s Tour.

During the course of his rise on the ATP tour, Stefanos Tsitsipas has often drawn comparisons between himself and Roger Federer. And the latest to highlight the similarities between the two is former World No. 1 Andy Roddick.

The comparisons between Federer and Tsitsipas refuse to die out

"Stefanos Tsitsipas is one of the biggest stars on the circuit today and has already defeated some of the greatest legends of the sport," Andy Roddick said.

"He is considered as a kind of successor to Roger Federer because he is very similar to Roger in the way he plays, but it is time to start fighting for Grand Slam titles." Although Tsitsipas has won an ATP Finals title and made his mark in the top 10 of the world rankings, he is yet to make a splash at the Slams.

At his age (22), Roger Federer was already a Wimbledon champion and on the verge of beginning his ascent to the summit of men's tennis. The Swiss finished as the World No. 1 for four consecutive years from the age of 23 to 26.