'Roger Federer is an ideal sports figure because...', says writer

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'Roger Federer is an ideal sports figure because...', says writer

Roger Federer - and this is news that will leave many fans incredulous and stunned - is not eternal. For this reason, even in Switzerland, or especially in Switzerland, they will have to prepare for the aftermath. Anyone who follows the infinite era of the winner of (at least) 20 Slams will not have a very comfortable time, in terms of media and fans pressure.

But perhaps the distance that separates anyone (with few exceptions) from His Majesty is so great as to prevent pindaric flights from the very beginning regarding possible comparisons, thus leaving the newcomers free to express themselves according to their talent and their real possibilities.

In the case of Dominic Stephan Stricker and Leandro Riedi, however, this talent is not even so hidden. Since their junior career, which ended in the tormented 2020 with an all-red Grand Slam final (in Paris), Dominic and Leandro have made it clear what they are made of.

Among the professionals they have yet to prove everything, but the premises are encouraging. At the beginning of the year, Dominic had the chance to train with Roger (“An inspiration”, according to the young Swiss), while at the end of the season he even ended up among the best eight sparring in the London Finals.

“I could have played some Futures in that period, everything was ready and I would have gone in that direction if the call from the ATP hadn't come to offer me this huge opportunity. Obviously I took it on the fly and I think it was the most correct decision.

Training for two weeks with people like Thiem, Rublev, Medvedev and Tsitsipas was an experience that I will carry with me for life”. A life that in the meantime has already changed in recent months because a Grand Slam title no longer allows you to hide from the spotlight.

“Yes - admits Stricker -, now someone recognizes me, and I feel I have made important progress, even in a half season like the one we passed. Now I will have to try to get used to the rhythm of the ITF and the Challenger as soon as possible, I know that there will be another story”.

Roger Federer’s biographer and sports journalist Simon Graf recently appeared on the 'Tennis with an Accent' podcast, where he covered several important aspects of the Swiss Maestro's career.

Graf on Roger Federer's influence

"Roger Federer is the greatest sportsman Swiss ever had," Simon Graf said.

"Nothing compares to him. There was a period of time when people got used to him winning. When they were a little bit bored, even. Like they thought, it's normal that he wins. When he started losing more often, people got more attached to him because he was not the favorite anymore."

While Roger Federer is easily one of the greatest tennis players of all time, he is also considered among the biggest icons the world has ever seen in any sport. "I think Roger is an ideal sports figure," Graf said.

"There haven't been any scandals, from early on he was well aware of the role of media. He is well liked, he behaves himself extremely well. I think Roger off the court is an extraordinary figure. There are no missteps off the court," Graf added.