'Roger Federer makes it fun', says agent

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'Roger Federer makes it fun', says agent

For the first time in his career, Roger Federer will miss the Australian Open: the 39-year-old Swiss has not yet fully recovered from two knee surgeries. The organizers of the Melbourne tennis tournament announced today. The 39-year-old Swiss former number 1 in the world, 20 times champion in Grand Slam tournaments, six of which in Australia, has been out since February but had recently resumed training and was on the list of entries for the Slam at the beginning of the year scheduled February 8.

It's no secret that Tony Godsick has played a very big role in Roger Federer's success. The Swiss was recently named the highest-earning athlete in the world, with his overall earnings crossing $100 million, and a large share of the credit for that goes to his agent.

Godsick on Roger Federer

“Roger Federer is an extraordinary human being as it relates to relationships,” Tony Godsick said. “Not many people are as engaging and charismatic as he is. He makes it fun”.

Roger Federer on his part believes that mutual trust and common goals have been the key factors that have contributed to their successful relationship. "Tony and I have been working together for more than 15 years," Federer said.

"We have developed a good sense of trust to make sure we are aligned with the same goals. It’s not about him and it’s not just about me. We have grown together." The name Roger Federer is credited with many great records in his career spanning more than two decades.

Among them, one record that stands apart is the world record attendance in a tennis match. Unquestionably, Federer is one of the most famous global icons in the world, and this record is testimony to that. Also, his relationship with tennis fans has been an example for athletes in all sports.

But since tennis has to make do with a relatively smaller crowd as compared to other sports, this record becomes even more special. The 20 Majors champion did not just break the standing record, but then followed it up by besting his own record the very next year.

Earlier last year, the two great frenemies of tennis, Federer and Rafael Nadal, came together for a cause. The Basel-born organized the ‘Match in Africa’. While it raised $3.5 million for the underprivileged children of Africa, it also broke the record Federer had set in Mexico.

An astounding 51,954 people attended this event. Of course, the Spaniard had a part to play in that as well. Along with the Swiss-Spanish pair, American billionaire Bill Gates and comedian Trevor Noah participated in the match too. The 39-year-old thanked all of them with a heartfelt video.