'After Roger Federer, Nadal, Djokovic's retirement, it will be...', says ATP star

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'After Roger Federer, Nadal, Djokovic's retirement, it will be...', says ATP star

2020 has been a complicated year for all of us and for most sportsmen, but world number 3 Dominic Thiem can't totally say the same. For Dominic this was probably the year of consecration as in Flushing Meadows, a few months ago, he won in the final, after a great comeback against Alexander Zverev, his first career Grand Slam title.

This, the final at the ATP Finals and the World Top 3 in addition to the fact that he is probably seen as the first real heir of the Big Three, ready perhaps in a day close to take their scepter. It was not a phenomenal year only from a sporting point of view for Thiem, who also found love in this strange season.

In these days the Austrian athlete has in fact formalized the relationship with the recent winner of 'Let's Dance' 2020 Lili Paul-Roncalli. However, we know better this 'new flame' of the Austrian tennis player.

Lili-Paul Roncalli is the daughter of the Austrian circus director Bernhard Paul and Lili herself was a circus artist. From now on, the 22-year-old will also be present in Dominic Thiem's ​​pits in various tournaments, although it must be said that the two started dating very recently.

In the past Dominic Thiem dated tennis player Kristina Mladenovic, but following their busy sports schedule, the two broke up. Now Dominic Thiem's ​​2021 begins with this new good news: after several photos that led to rumors it was Thiem himself who announced this sweet and good news but he didn't say much about it.

In a recent interview, there was a question to Dominic Thiem about the Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic's presence in tennis. It was whether he believed that it was bad luck for him to play tennis at a time of their dominance.

Thiem responded to the question using a lot of wits.

Thiem wants to beat the Big 3

“Actually we’re lucky. We can later say that we dueled with Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic for years,” answered Dominic Thiem.

Although Dominic Thiem believed that he was lucky to play with the legends, he also said that it would be much easier for him to win titles after their retirement. He was quite confident that he could continue their great legacy in the sport.

“Maybe then, (when they retirement) it will be a little easier to win the big tournaments,” added the Austrian.