'I always wanted to be like Roger Federer but...', says agent

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'I always wanted to be like Roger Federer but...', says agent

One of the records Roger Federer has long dreamed of and has been chasing for a lifetime is the total number of tournaments won. To reach the quota that has become legend, of Jimmy Connors' 109 successes, Federer still needs 6 laurels.

The finish line seems there, within reach, but Federer's programming focuses only on the most important tournaments and winning 6 laurels (between now and the end of the year) seems a titanic undertaking. Behind Federer are also moving at a frenzied pace Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, currently fourth and fifth after Ivan Lendl (94).

The Spaniard is at 86, the Serbian at 81, too far away to aim to oust Connors or Federer in a short time. Named for legendary tennis player Bjorn Borg, it was all but a given that Bjorn Farrugia would pursue the sport. Among L.A's top-producing agents last year, Farrugia credits much of his success to keeping himself accountable and working to always stay at the top of his game, whether its on the court or the Westside's ultra-competitive market.

He recently sat down to chat about his journey and striving to be, as he puts it, "the Roger Federer of real estate." His comments have been edited for clarity.

Farrugia on Roger Federer

"On the tennis court, I can control what I do.

I can't really control my opponent; I can only give the best effort that I can give. That's how I do my business — I'm always trying to be the best I can be. I always wanted to be like Roger Federer, and that's nearly impossible.

But if I can be the Roger Federer of real estate, that's a good second place for me. It's about a legacy — I want to leave my mark" - Bjorn Farrugia explained. Roger Federer became World No.1 for the first time on February 2, 2004.

It was after he had won his maiden Australian Open title in 2004 and after winning seven ATP tour trophies in the season prior to that. The Swiss Maestro reigned over the spot for a total of 237 weeks till August 17, 2008, surpassing the previous record of Jimmy Connors who had remained the World No.1 for a total of 160 consecutive weeks.

After this, Rafael Nadal conquered the spot and remained there for a total of 46 weeks. Federer recently decided to withdraw from the Australian Open 2021 as he could not recover on time. However, fans expect him to return to the court soon and win some more titles. Will Federer win his 21st Grand Slam title in 2021?