'Roger Federer's mixture is something really special', says coach

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'Roger Federer's mixture is something really special', says coach

Roger Federer has been in Dubai since December 14 to train, so all the good and sincere intentions are there, however - no matter how great his talent is - we are still talking about a next 40 year old (August 2021), and the (certainly painful) renunciation of Swiss is part of a smart planning that wants to protect him from injuries and also extend his career even further, although his staff say he always wants to play.

So where will we see it? The red earth is the least suitable place, and Paris, and also Rome and the Foro Italico will have to deal with it. A few hard court tournaments, but in the right places and simply to test competitiveness.

The truth is that the target is always and only his home garden, Wimbledon. To which is added Tokyo, simply because there are the Olympics (and he never won gold in singles, only in doubles) in the land of his sponsor, Uniqlo.

That's the way it is, if you like. We will see others on TV, and maybe he will too, this time. Although he doesn't really like seeing it on the HD screen. Indeed, it would be better to see him. In a recent interview with Smash Magazine, his coach Severin Luthi discussed how Roger Federer is coping with his knee injury rehabilitation.

Luthi: 'Roger Federer is ambitious'

There is never a low moment with Roger Federer around, and Severin Luthi finds this to be the most charming factor about the great champion. A month shy of turning 39, Federer hasn't lost any of his passion for playing tennis; even now he practises with the enthusiasm of a junior, according to his coach.

"He is just like this as a person, he doesn't have to talk himself into believing it... when the positive goes into carelessness and the ambition is missing, the whole puzzle doesn't work. His mixture is something really special: He is very ambitious, but also cheerful; such combination you don‘t find that often," Severin Luthi remarked.

Every tennis fan was eagerly waiting for the Australian Open 2021 in order to witness Roger Federer back on the court again. However, it was a heartbreaking moment when the Swiss Maestro withdrew from the Grand Slam. Federer is not only famous for winning big matches and Slams but most importantly for winning hearts.

It is his off the court behavior that makes him an ambassador of the sport. Recently, his coach Ivan Ljubicic shed some light on how he came to know about Federer’s game and even talked about how he felt facing him. “I mean, I played against Roger 16 times,” began the coach.

“I think he’s the player I played the most against. I won three times, so you know, I had my fights. But, you know, we had some tough ones and it did help actually quite a bit”.