Roger Federer: 'We do it every single year so...'

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Roger Federer: 'We do it every single year so...'

Everyone hoped to see Roger Federer on the field at the Australian Open 2021, but despite the postponement of the tournament in early February (due to quarantine for tennis players) Roger Federer communicated a few weeks ago through his agent Tony Godsick that he will not take part in the tournament.

Latest rumors speak of Federer's return to the field in March, probably in the Atp tournament in Dubai. In a recent podcast, Federer talked about today’s tennis culture. The challenge was that he had to describe it in a total of three words, something he did beautifully.

Federer believes that competitiveness makes tennis a special sport

Roger Federer highlighted that tennis was one of the most global sports. He cited his reasons for the same and said that tennis players used to travel even more than musicians.

“It may be one of the most global sports. We go on the world tour from January to November. So, I always compare it to is being a musician going on a world tour. Musicians don’t do it every single year but we have to, and we do it every single year so I think it’s super global,” added Federer.

Federer also mentioned the competitive angle of the sport. He explained why it was difficult to be at the top of this game and what makes it one of the most challenging sports. “I just think it’s competitive. It’s super competitive, there’s a lot of tennis players out there.

With that ranking system that you have to defend, what you did the year before…it makes it very hard you know in some ways to be at the top and I think the competition is huge. So I’d say it’s elegant, global and competitive,” concluded the 20-time Grand Slam winner.

The six-time champion has played the Australian Open main draw every year since his debut in 2000. Tournament Director Craig Tiley wished Roger Federer well. “In the end, Roger ran out of time to get himself ready for the rigours of a Grand Slam and he’s very disappointed he won’t be coming to Melbourne in 2021,” Tiley said in a press release.

“The Australian Open has always held a special place in his heart – remember it was Roger who first called the AO the ‘Happy Slam’. “We wish him all the best as he prepares for his comeback later in the year and look forward to seeing him in Melbourne in 2022."