Roger Federer: 'It is something special to do something well in life'

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Roger Federer: 'It is something special to do something well in life'

The count of positive swabs among the participants in the Australian Open rises. The five cases already identified on three charter flights from Los Angeles, Doha and Abu Dhabi have been joined by another four, and this time there is also a tennis player, whose name has not yet been mentioned.

This was confirmed by Brett Sutton, Chief Health Officer of the state of Victoria: “These are new cases reported today. I think there is also a player among them. I believe they were all exposed to the virus before embarking on their respective flights “.

As reported by Fox Sports, in any case, according to Sutton the four would have all arrived with the three flights mentioned above (the expert has not however expressed absolute certainty on any of this information), and this means that it will not be necessary to submit other players.

to the toughest quarantine regime. The fact is that any opening for a softening of the rules is closed, as the Prime Minister of the State Daniel Andrews confirmed this morning: "Everyone knew what the rules were, and there will be no changes, because they are the result of the advice of our public health experts.

I know a few players have talked about the rules in place. Well, what I can say is that they apply to them as well as the rest of the population, they were warned before they came here. Nobody has a special treatment because the virus does not reserve a special treatment for anyone "

Even a little veiled reference to Djokovic's list of requests by Andrews: “Anyone is free to make requests, but the answer is no“. For the first time in the last 23 editions, Roger Federer will not participate in the Happy Slam.

Roger Federer opened up about his 2009 and 2016 seasons in a recent commercial for Credit Suisse. Federer also addressed the speculations surrounding his retirement, and said that he still loves playing the sport.

Roger Federer on his retirement

Roger Federer himself had other ideas though.

He not only continued playing the sport that he loves so deeply, but also returned to winning ways. With three Grand Slam titles since his return in 2017, Federer once again rose to the top of tennis. In a strange turn of fate, Federer faces the same situation now that he did in 2016.

The Swiss underwent two surgeries on his right knee this year and currently faces four more months on the sidelines. Naturally, the murmurs about his retirement have been getting louder with each passing day, which is understandable considering Federer will turn 40 next year.

"I get asked a lot about retirement and I know I cannot play tennis forever but it is something special to do something well in life," remarked Federer. "It's such a great time at the moment. I'm still loving it on the court.

My foundation has just surpassed the initial goal, and my off-court ventures are still only growing. For me it really shows me maybe I'm just only at the beginning of my journey."