'Roger Federer will hang his racket...', says former Top 10

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'Roger Federer will hang his racket...', says former Top 10

As the recent events in Melbourne show, during the first months of this season nothing will be taken for granted, the uncertainties will be everyday life, the Pandemic will be an enemy to live with and the organizational difficulties will continue to weigh on the shoulders of the players and professionals.

However, with the continuation of the months the situation should first stabilize and then fortunately normalize, leaving to the doubts off the field only and only those inside the field, that is the competitive ones, which make tennis exciting, sometimes unpredictable and always spectacular.

Yes, because 2021 will not only be the year of the rebirth of tennis as we like it, but it will in all likelihood represent a first break with the past in terms of results. The young rampants have now established themselves, maturing personality, quality and an awareness that could launch them towards the conquest of the big tournaments, a goal that still today represents a chimera for many of them.

Yet the next generation's assault on the throne is not the only big question that will keep us company in these months. One, perhaps more interesting and stimulating, concerns Roger Federer, the timeless champion who is about to return to the field with a very clear objective, namely to try to amaze once again.

These are some of the questions that were posed to several tennis players interviewed by the official channel of the ATP circuit, who were asked for their personal predictions for the new year. Specifically, the participants were Tommy Paul, Hubert Hurkacz, Matteo Berrettini, David Goffin and Frances Tiafoe.

Everyone agreed in predicting a slam victory for a tennis player other than the Big Three (except at Roland Garros, a tournament which, according to them, will still be Rafa Nadal's land of conquest), while only David Goffin wanted, with an enigmatic joke, rattle off his own prediction that would make this season unforgettable.

Goffin on Roger Federer's retirement

The Belgian professional David Goffin had another Roger Federer prediction. He said, “Maybe Roger will retire” and followed this up with a laugh. Many experts have also aligned themselves with the Belgian ace’s prophecy of the year.

At 39, and after two knee surgeries in 2020, Federer has still not satiated his thirst for winning. He has the Olympic Gold medal and Grand Slams in his list of goals this year. However, the Olympic dream may just remain a dream amid the pandemic.

Be that as it may, the tennis world is eagerly awaiting the return of Roger. Given that he is closing in on his career, the Basel-born would love to go out winning.