'Roger Federer is also a genius off the court', says former Top 5

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'Roger Federer is also a genius off the court', says former Top 5

The 2020 sports season was completely conditioned by the epidemic linked to the well-known Covid-19 virus which affected the lives of all of us and which forced the world of sport to upset. In fact, in 2020 they had to play the Tokyo Olympic Games, a highly anticipated event all over the world but which was considered of primary importance especially in the Japanese capital.

In the end, the evidence had to be surrendered and the organizers were forced to postpone the Olympic games for a year. It must be said that, looking at other events like Wimbledon in the world of tennis, it could have been even worse.

However, the latest rumors for the situation in Japan are anything but optimistic. In recent days there has been an increase in cases in Japan and although we speak of a rather distant event there is great concern for the Olympic Games, a situation that will see people from all over the world enter Japan.

An authoritative source very close to the organizers spoke to the microphones of the British newspaper Times and asserted that there is a high probability that the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games will be canceled! The latter, a senior member of the government coalition reported: "By now everyone has understood that we are moving towards the cancellation of the Olympic Games.

The goal now is to find a way that saves everyone's face and that maybe leaves a door open to Tokyo for the future. Nobody wants to be the first to announce it but given the situation it is really difficult to achieve the Olympic Games."

There are denials from the Japanese government but the situation is not the best and latest rumors also indicate that Tokyo is already trying to get the possibility of being able to host the 2032 Olympic Games. Recently, former World No.

3 and Roger Federer’s coach Ivan Ljubicic revealed the attribute that is behind Federer’s success according to him. Ljubicic was asked to talk about one on and one off-court attribute.

Ljubicic praises Roger Federer

“On court he is intelligent and off the court he is intelligent,” began Ivan Ljubicic.

“I think his brain, his brain, is just underrated”. Ljubicic clearly believes that Roger Federer has quite a sharp mind. He mentioned that his intelligence was one of the reasons for his massive success over the past years.

The coach also called Federer a genius on and off the court. He further said that it was because of this reason that Federer was the greatest player of all time for him. Federer hasn’t had a great record at the US Open or French Open in the past decade.

With the Australian Open 2021 already gone, the Swiss maestro will definitely target his favorite Slam, the Wimbledon Championships. Can Ljubicic lead Federer to another Grand Slam glory in 2021?