Will Roger Federer's game have any changes in 2021?

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Will Roger Federer's game have any changes in 2021?

Roger Federer's come back seems to be a matter of a few weeks. There are those who speak of Rotterdam, some of Miami and others of Dubai, where among other things Roger spends a few weeks of his training. We cannot hide behind the evidence, there are many doubts about the form of the Swiss and the uncertainty that the Basel champion cannot trace the famous return of 2017 is ridden by many, however the hope of many fans and employees to work is to be able to return to admire the master's feats, perhaps in a minor tone, perhaps for a more limited period of time, only time will tell.

Many specialists already imagine what Federer will offer us in terms of play and strategy when he returns to the competition. One of the first to express his own opinion on this was former American champion Jim Courier.

Will Roger Federer's game have any changes in 2021?

According to the former Davis captain, the only way Roger can go will be that of an ultra attacking game, if possible even more vertical than in recent years.

The uncompromising goal will have to be to avoid long rallies not only to ensure the possibility of a competitive yield throughout the match, but above all throughout the tournament, especially when it comes to grand slams.

Roger's ability to regenerate and recover from a match will never be those of five years ago, which is why according to Jim the Swiss game will have to be as fast and devastating as ever. The theory is also partly shared by the former British number one and now well-known face of the Eurosport television station, Annabel Croft.

"Federer has had time to think about his strategy for 2021. He has always been very clever in his programming of him, so he wouldn't surprise me if he focused his game on short but at the same time creative and offensive exchanges.

If he wants to fight to reach the top, he will necessarily have to avoid long and grueling battles. In any case, it's in his nature to be aggressive, try to gain time and points quickly," said Annabel Croft.