Nadal and Djokovic's concerns could help Roger Federer...

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Nadal and Djokovic's concerns could help Roger Federer...

The 2020 vintage proved to be disastrous for anyone, all over the planet. The global Coronavirus pandemic has in fact imposed long quarantine periods for the vast majority of nations in the world, with consequent economic and financial repercussions.

The virus has caused the death of over 2 million people to date, infecting more than 100. The recovered number around 57 million. The ATP and WTA calendar have been forced to postponements and cancellations, which also involved the Wimbledon and Olympic tournaments, starting in Tokyo.

Swiss Roger Federer, 40 on 8 August, recently decided to skip the Australian Open event at the last minute, not being in top condition yet and preferring to avoid the period of isolation in Melbourne. The phenomenon from Basel took part in four editions of the Olympic Games, winning a gold medal in doubles in Beijing 2008 and a silver medal in singles in London 2012 (defeat to Andy Murray).

In Sydney 2000 he was stopped in the semifinals by Tommy Haas, while in Athens 2004 he was surprised in the second round by a very young Thomas Berdych in the second round. As for the 2008 singles edition, Roger failed to overtake American James Blake in the quarter-finals.

In recent months and weeks, Federer has certainly made no secret of aiming for the final victory at the Olympics in Japan, eager to win a gold medal even in the singles (perhaps one of the very few awards still missing in his showcase).

However, the Spaniard Rafael Nadal and the Serbian Novak Djokovic will certainly put a spanner in the works, the latter having won a bronze medal at most. However, both champions showed some skepticism and some slight hesitation about the upcoming Olympics: "What we have to do is simply follow the instructions of those people who really know all this," said Rafa a few days ago, as reported.

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"What we have to do is just follow the instructions of what the people who really have the right knowledge of all this stuff give to us," Rafael Nadal told reporters on Sunday.

A stacked summer ATP Tour schedule may not allow time for players to quarantine in Japan. "Combining our tour with another 15 days of quarantine to play Olympics," he said. "It looks difficult to fix it in our calendar."

Novak Djokovic claimed it would be "the greatest honour" to represent Serbia at "the oldest and most traditional event in the history of sport" Speaking last month, Roger Federer said: "Big plan is to be there (in Japan) for the Olympics.

You know, this is for me the big one. "Maybe selfishly for me it has not been a bad thing that it was actually moved a little, you know because of the problems I had last year. It was a big shock for all of us when Wimbledon pulled out because of the pandemic and then Tokyo Olympics shortly after that, was moved."