'Roger Federer's all over you', says former Australian star

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'Roger Federer's all over you', says former Australian star

After an absence from the playing fields for over a year, according to the latest rumors, the twenty times champion of Grand Slam titles Roger Federer, should return to play next March, in the ATP 250 tournament in Doha. Nobody knows exactly the program of the Swiss champion but Roger could later participate also in the ATP 500 in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and then in the Rotterdam tournament, scheduled towards the end of March in the Netherlands.

By now when we talk about Federer, both insiders and millions of fans are aware that Roger is in the final stages of his career but despite this the tennis player is training intensely to return to 100% after what we probably remember as the longest break of his career, due to a double knee surgery.

His last match took place last year, at the end of January, against Novak Djokovic with the world number one who prevailed with the result of 7-6; 6-4; 6-3. Currently number 5 in the world, the Swiss champion will return to Doha after winning this tournament three times in the 2005,2006 and 2011 editions.

During a recent interaction on Wide World of Sports with Peter Psaltis and Todd Woodbridge, former Australian player Sam Groth spoke about 'his two special memories' taking on Federer.

Federer might come up with another mind game

"It's the touch and the finesse that Roger Federer shows more than the other two names (Nadal and Djokovic) I mentioned," Sam Groth said.

"That's why people love to watch him so much. He has that little bit of delicacy about what he does. Don't underestimate the level of intensity he brings," Groth added. "When you think of intensity on a tennis court, you think of a Rafael Nadal.

It's a different intensity that Roger Federer brings on the court." Sam Groth then recalled his third round meeting against Federer at Wimbledon 2015, making special mention of Federer's ability to regain his composure after losing the third set.

"At Wimbledon, I was able to take a set. You stick with them (the Big 3) for an hour or so, you maybe able to sneak one (set)," Groth said. "As soon as the fourth set started, Roger's level was exactly the same again ..

slight little lapse in my concentration and intensity from my side and he's all over you." Fans who rate Federer below Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal are also aware that Federer is probably the smartest tennis player.

His brain is quite sharp, and his grace and accuracy will continue to make him a formidable opponent on tennis courts. As he was out for more than a year, Federer will have surely thought of some strategies to employ. He is quite famous for his cheeky drops, overhead volleys, and winning some excellent net points.

He often makes the opponents lean forward, reads his mind to a great extent, anticipates the shot, and then hits a fabulous winner.