Roger Federer: 'I still have many wishes, I will just give it my all'

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Roger Federer: 'I still have many wishes, I will just give it my all'

At the age of 40, a year without tennis due to a pandemic and knee, it was enough for the greatest active tennis player (in short, at least one of the two...) to want not to stop. Sensing what the pickup has in store for Roger Federer: "Now I have taken on more of the role of quarterback in the family, I was the organizer.

I knew exactly what all four children were doing and made sure we weren't late anywhere. I became the driver of the family. But I was surprised that I kept watching the games and checking the results. Usually, if I don't participate in a tournament, I don't”.

Federer granted a radio interview to the Swiss channel SRF and announced that he will return to the pitch in Doha “I have thought a lot about when and where to return. Australia was a little too early because of my knee.

Sin. It's one of the places I love playing the most”. The Australian Open hasn't been missed since 2000. Twenty-one years ago. "I wanted to go back to a smaller tournament, where the stress is a little less. I will try to play on clay again.

Obviously, all in view of Halle, Wimbledon, Olympia and US Open ”. Then after - sooner or later - the withdrawal for real: “I want to be able to go skiing with the children and with Mirka. Either hiking, playing basketball or starting ice hockey, I still have many dreams.

For this I need to stay fit, I don't want to stop that I can't move. I will not try to remain pathologically on the tour, but I want to celebrate great victories once again”.

Roger Federer expressed concerns regarding his knee

According to Roger Federer, it’s the triumphant feeling with a shower of love from his fans that keeps him going.

“I just hope that everything will go well with the knee. I still have many wishes. I will just give it my all. I hope I can give the fans beautiful victories again and some beautiful emotions”. Tennis fans will see Roger Federer in March competing for the Qatar Open title in Doha.

He is looking forward to a big and exciting season, and so are his ardent fans. The Australian Open 2021 is scheduled for February 8, and we’re just 5 days away from the start of the spectacle. However, this unfortunate development at this hour has put things under question.

First, the organizers would have to sort out the ongoing crisis and test the players yet again to ensure that none of them have contracted the deadly virus. It would take quite some time and there’s no word about the Australian Open 2021 yet.