'Behind Roger Federer and Nadal, he is the biggest...', says former star

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'Behind Roger Federer and Nadal, he is the biggest...', says former star

Nick Kyrgios gave life to one of the most spectacular matches of the first week of the Australian Open, having recovered the French Ugo Humbert after saving two match points in the fourth set. The Australian has once again proved to be an indisputable source of attraction globally, being a completely out of the box character able to express an electrifying tennis almost always.

In an interview with the Herald Sun, former Australian player Sam Groth described Kyrgios as a global superstar who helps box office success (behind perhaps only Roger Federer), as the full arena images in the match the other day.

Nick has become the protagonist of a long-distance controversy with Novak Djokovic in recent days, with the world number 1 admitting that he has no respect for Kyrgios off the pitch. The talent from Canberra, for his part, reproached the 20-time Grand Slam champion for his reckless attitude during the Adria Tour organized last summer.

The matter does not seem destined to end here.

Sam Groth talks about Nick Kyrgios

“The man’s pure box office. Nick Kyrgios’s never going to be the poster boy for good behaviour. People tend to only focus on the negative with Nick when actually he should be celebrated,” Sam Groth told the Herald Sun.

“What he did on Wednesday night was phenomenal. It was box office tennis. It was the match this tournament has been crying out for, the Australian Open finally came to life. I’d go as far as saying tennis needs Nick far more than Nick needs tennis.

He might not be our best athlete but he is certainly the most entertaining. The crowd atmosphere at a Nick Kyrgios match is like nothing I’ve experienced with any other player. Nick brings hysteria. It’s another level of wild.

That’s why organisers and broadcasters want him in their event’s prime time slot, not just here but around the world. He’s a global superstar. Behind Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams, he is the biggest drawcard.

He puts bums on seats. And if you’re still unable to simply enjoy the drama and theatre he brigs to the court and our TV screens because you’re hung up on his public image, I just don’t understand you. I don’t know what more the guy can do to change people’s minds.

He’s not going to change and why should he? Nick is who is he and like him or not, I bet you are still going to watch him”.