'When you watch Roger Federer play tennis it comes...', says Mirza

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'When you watch Roger Federer play tennis it comes...', says Mirza

Time is running out and Rafael Nadal is aware that he already has very little margin to get rid of those back problems that are limiting his performances at the Australian Open 2021. Satisfied with the victory against Michael Mmoh and, above all, that he was on the pitch for shortly, the Spaniard showed up at a press conference where he appeared quite worried about his back.

Many days have passed with a muscle discomfort that has reduced his preparation and that does not allow him to move with the desired ease, especially with the service, and Nadal knows that at the moment he is far from the best condition and his tournament may be affected.

"The back problem is not under control, far from it. I continue to do what I can on the pitch, trying to find a way to keep things going. It was important to be on the pitch for a short time during these early matches, but I know time is running out.

I have been with this pain for 18-19 days and I am aware that if we do not find a way to eliminate it, it will be very difficult for me to achieve my goal here, "explained a visibly felt Nadal. What seems to be clear, especially to the Majorcan, is that if his back does not improve he will have no chance of winning the tournament: "The evolution of the back problem is not satisfactory.

We have tried several treatments and tomorrow will be an important day because we will try to find the solution with new treatments. If they do not work, I will be at the limit because already in the third round the physical load increases.

With all the respect in the world for Mmoh, today was not a tough match so I was able to finish the match without undue inconvenience by taking advantage of my cut service," said the Spaniard. Sania Mirza recently appeared in an Australian Open pre-show on Sony Sports where she was asked if Rafael Nadal taking the lead in the Slams race would give him the edge in the GOAT debate, or if Roger Federer would continue to enjoy his status as the greatest ever.

Mirza on the GOAT debate

"He (Rafael Nadal) is definitely the greatest of all time on clay, there's no doubt about that, but I don't know if he's the greatest of all time in terms of just pure talent," Sania Mirza said.

"I think Roger Federer still takes that. I think anyone that knows even a little bit of tennis knows that. I don't know if you agree with me or not, but when you watch Roger play tennis (it) comes a lot easier to you than it comes from most people in the world."