'I always joke saying Roger Federer must be thinking...', says legend

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'I always joke saying Roger Federer must be thinking...', says legend

Rafael Nadal easily passed the second round of the Australian Open. The world number 2 was a clear favorite against modest American Michael Mmoh and beat him in three sets with a score of 6-1 6-4 6-2, and now he will face Britain's Cameron Norrie.

Nadal experienced the most complicated moment of the match when a spectator, visibly drunk, created a little big chaos, produced the stop of the game and while it was framed in world live, she pointed to the Spaniard and made a gesture unequivocal, he showed him the middle finger.

The sample reaction was just as incredible. Rafa smiled incredulously as the woman was led out by the stewards. After passing the first round on Tuesday Nadal returned to the field, even today was a match widely within his reach, the American Mmoh is a third-tier player and in the previous round he had played five sets against Troicki.

Won the first set 6-1, Nadal got a break in the second game and at 5-4 he was about to serve for the set when a spectator gave a blow, probably because he had drunk a few too many drinks - in Australia there are the spectators in the stands.

The referee stops the game, tries to appease her, but does not immediately understand that the lady is very undisciplined. The woman does not answer, on the contrary she gets furious and shows the middle finger to Nadal, who was enjoying the scene and with an astonished smile asked himself: 'Is that rude gesture aimed at me? The game resumed and the set closed quickly when the stewards took the fan out of the center field.

Sania Mirza recently appeared in an Australian Open pre-show on Sony Sports where she was asked if Rafael Nadal taking the lead in the Slams race would give him the edge in the GOAT debate, or if Roger Federer would continue to enjoy his status as the greatest ever.

Mirza on Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal

"He (Rafael Nadal) is definitely the greatest of all time on clay, there's no doubt about that, but I don't know if he's the greatest of all time in terms of just pure talent," Sania Mirza said.

"I think Roger Federer still takes that. I think anyone that knows even a little bit of tennis knows that. I don't know if you agree with me or not, but when you watch Roger play tennis (it) comes a lot easier to you than it comes from most people in the world."

Mirza then praised the Swiss Maestro's effortless playing style and joked that he probably doesn't understand why the other players practice so much. "I always joke saying he must be thinking, 'A bunch of fools who practice for 5 hours a day'

He must be thinking, 'Oh my god! It's so easy I don't know why they're practicing'," Mirza contiued. "So I personally feel that Roger Federer is the greatest ever tennis player, regardless of the numbers, because I think talent wise he is still the best."