'The end is getting closer for Roger Federer', says former Top 20

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'The end is getting closer for Roger Federer', says former Top 20

Twenty Grand Slam titles and 7 Super Bowl titles in the same sentence. Roger Federer, who renounced the Australian Open to not spend too much time away from his family, wanted to pay homage to the greatest quarterback in American football history on his Instagram profile: "Two plus 5 equals 7.

What an inspiring result. Tom Brady, age is just a number" In an interview with the French edition of GQ magazine, Nicolas Escude claimed that while no one is certain how long Roger Federer will continue playing, everyone knows the Swiss legend won't be around for many more years.

Escude on Roger Federer

"For several years, we all ask ourselves the same question: is Roger Federer entering his final year? The more the years go on, the closer it gets. But to say that it is the last year in 2021, I am waiting to see anyway," Nicolas Escude stated.

"He said he was not physically ready because of his knee to come and play the Australian Open," the Frenchman added. "But I think the conditions of access to the tournament perhaps did not suit him. How will this year go in terms of health for tennis? Are all tournaments going to take place? In what conditions ? We just know that Roger Federer is not going to play for another five years."

In 22 years of competing, Roger Federer has amassed a 362-59 record at Grand Slams which speaks volumes about his dominance in the men’s game. Federer isn’t playing at the Australian Open 2021 and didn’t compete in two of the three Slams in 2020 as well.

As a result of his absence, Serena Williams now has a chance to overtake the Swiss maestro’s winning record at Grand Slams. Serena recently brought up her 360th victory with a win over Russia’s Anastasia Potapova in the third round of Australian Open 2021, and she’s hungry for more.

Three more wins at the Happy Slam will guarantee Serena Williams a place at the semi-final as well as overtake Roger Federer on the all-time Grand Slam wins list. Can she achieve the feat in Melbourne? Serena Williams has seven Australian Open titles to her name, with the most recent one coming in 2017.

It is also her last Grand Slam title to date, and the chances of her winning it in 2021 are quite bright. Serena is now sitting in the fourth round, and she’s yet to drop a set in the tournament. The 39-year-old has brought her aggressive game and not many can put up a fight when Serena is at her absolute best.