'Roger Federer is so important to the sport in general', says top analyst

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'Roger Federer is so important to the sport in general', says top analyst

After an absence from the tennis courts of over a year, barring sensational twists, Roger Federer will return to play next March in the ATP 250 tournament in Doha. The Swiss program foresees that immediately after he could participate in the ATP 500 in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and in the Rotterdam tournament in the Netherlands.

Roger Federer is now 39 years old and in the final stages of his career, but he is training intensely to return to full capacity after a long hiatus caused by a double knee surgery. His last official match took place in the semifinal of the Australian Open where he was defeated in three sets by Novak Djokovic with the result of 7-6; 6-4; 6-3.

Number 5 in the world rankings, Federer will return to Doha after winning this tournament on three occasions, in 2005, 2006 and 2011. Despite the fact that he will miss the Australian Open, the Swiss will be aiming for this 2021 where he will have Wimbledon and especially Tokyo Olympics 2021, one of the few competitions that Roger has never won in the single.

Needless to say Federer’s announcement was met with widespread jubilation, with many - including Alex Corretja - expressing their delight at his recovery. In a recent interview, Corretja pointed out why the news of Roger Federer’s return elicited so much fanfare.

Roger Federer’s fitness situation

Roger Federer’s retirement will mark the end of an era, and Alex Corretja believes that the Swiss star will be 'missed a lot' With the 39-year-old not having much time left as a tennis player, Corretja opined that the tennis fraternity must savor the Swiss’ remaining matches as much as possible.

“Losing these kinds of players, who are so important to the sport in general, creates a void and they (will be) missed a lot,” Corretja said. “It's time to start realizing that sooner or later they will be gone and we will have to get used to them and they will be missed.

This is what happens in life. We must take advantage now because when they are gone they will really miss you”. It has been a while since Roger Federer stepped onto the tennis court. Since his knee surgeries in early 2020, the Swiss Master has been in rehab and recovering to find his way back to match fitness.

All this while Federer has tried to stay away from the sport but has failed. In a recent interview, Federer talked about his habit of detaching from the sport when he is with family or is recovering from an injury. He tried to do the same in 2020 but failed.

“I actually thought that I would not follow the sport very much and would be more busy with my children and my rehab”.