'He plays Roger Federer style', says ATP star

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'He plays Roger Federer style', says ATP star

Daniil Medvedev is a genius, in Russia when he was a little boy he attended a school for mathematics geniuses. And you know genius can also be combined with recklessness. The number 4 tennis player in the world, who is one of the favorites for the final victory, struggled more than expected with Krajinovic and took it out on his coach, who after hearing too many has left the field.

In the end it all came together. Cervara knows him well and has made peace with Medvedev, who will face McDonald in the round of 16 on Monday. Krajinovic took home the fourth set he dreamed of the comeback of the year, but in reality he was easily beaten by Medvedev who after calming down was imposed with the score of 6-3 6-3 4-6 3-6 6- 0 and after 3 hours and 6 minutes he won the success that led him to the round of 16, his first win in five sets of his career.

After the 17th consecutive victory Medvedev was happy and calm and also talked about the relationship with his coach: "Gilles just before leaving he knew I would win the game, so he left to leave me calmer." In press conference, Daniil Medvedev compares Mackenzie McDonald’s style to Roger Federer at Australian Open 2021.

Medvedev compares Mackenzie McDonald’s style to Roger Federer

In the post-game on-court interview, the 4th seeded Russian had some interesting responses to the questions. First, he revealed how his coach left early because he knew Daniil Medvedev was sure to win.

Second, he praised his fourth-round opponent by saying, “He plays Roger Federer style”. Medvedev‘s third-round victory was also his first-ever win in a five-setter, and that came in style. Throughout the match, even when he was leading 2-0, the Russian was losing his calm whenever he lost a point.

Everyone knows the potential that Daniil Medvedev has. But the Russian’s occasional outburst and meltdowns on the court have hurt his chances. The player himself does get frustrated, but this time while his match at Australian Open 2021, his coach got frustrated and left the stadium.

Medvedev was playing Filip Krajinovic in the 3rd round of the Australian Open 2021. Here he had taken a comfortable 2-0 lead and looked set for a straight-set victory. But he was broken in the third set and from then there was only frustration and he kept scolding his box.

Mackenzie McDonald is an American player who upset the 22nd seed Borna Coric in four sets to advance at AO 2021. His most notable recent game came against Rafael Nadal in the second round of French Open 2020. Although he lost it 1-6 0-6 3-6 to the King of Clay, it gave him some exposure in playing the big guys.