'Roger Federer broke barriers that go beyond the sport', says legend

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'Roger Federer broke barriers that go beyond the sport', says legend

In 2021 Roger Federer will focus mainly on Halle, Wimbledon, the Olympics and the US Open. "I will not try to remain pathologically on the circuit," said Federer, who underwent two knee operations last year. "I want to go back to celebrating great victories," he explained, but not only his only ambitions.

"In the future I want to play basketball, hockey, ski with my children," said the Swiss champion, who is about to turn 40 (he will be on August 8), demonstrating that he still has the fire of tennis in his soul but to know how to look beyond.

Alpine skiing legend Lindsey Vonn recently named Roger Federer as the greatest champion of all time in men's tennis. Vonn did admit, however, that she also has great respect for Federer's rival Rafael Nadal. In a recent interview, Vonn was asked about her thoughts on the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) in men's tennis.

And the American responded in very forthright fashion.

Vonn on her passion for Roger Federer

"I have great respect for Rafael Nadal," Lindsey Vonn said. "What he showed - especially on clay - is incredible. But I was and am a Roger Federer fan until the end.

For me, Roger Federer will always be the greatest champion of all time. He plays with so much grace, is so balanced. And he's wonderful to the fans and people. You can hardly do better than Roger Federer." Vonn added that aside from stats and numbers, the GOAT should also have other qualities that transcend the sport itself.

And the American believes Federer has all of those qualities and more. "Records are important, of course," Vonn said. "Often those with the most wins are said to be the greatest. But there is that certain something that you have to have otherwise.

To overcome barriers that go beyond the sport and to convey it there. These people are more than just athletes. Not everyone is like that - but Roger sure is." Despite having back issues, Rafael Nadal has reached the fourth round at the Australian Open 2021 without dropping a set.

He defeated British player Cameron Norrie 5-7, 2-6, 5-7 recently and registered his 30th consecutive set win in Grand Slams. It is the best run in his career to date. Interestingly, this has brought him only six sets away from equaling the Swiss maestro’s record of 36. Roger Federer had accomplished the feat between the US Open 2006 and French Open 2007.