'That's why Roger Federer's been playing for so long', says sport legend

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'That's why Roger Federer's been playing for so long', says sport legend

Roger Federer's post-Doha plans are not defined, and his intention to play at least one more tournament on the indoor fast, perhaps in Dubai or Rotterdam, is still hanging in the air. It definitely won't be the Miami Masters 1000.

Federer would risk a terrible opponent already in the first round, and instead he needs to put games on the farm. For this reason, in view of the real seasonal goals, from the beloved grass passing through the Games up to New York, he will also dedicate himself to European clay, tickling the imagination of Italian fans who dream of admiring him again in Rome, open permitting: "I'll try to play on red.

And then of course Halle, Wimbledon, the Olympics and the US Open. I will not try to remain pathologically in the circuit, I still want to celebrate a great victory, even with a long and difficult path." Alpine skiing legend Lindsey Vonn recently named Roger Federer as the greatest champion of all time in men's tennis.

Vonn did admit, however, that she also has great respect for Federer's rival Rafael Nadal.

Vonn on Roger Federer's return

"I am sure Roger Federer will return," Lindsey Vonn said. "He's so passionate about tennis - that's why he's been playing for so long.

He gives so much to the sport. Roger Federer is the reason I watch tennis. Sport is no longer the same without him. I hope he returns soon." The American believes Roger Federer would like to continue playing tennis as long as he can, but that it all depends on how his body holds up.

"He wants to play tennis as long as he can," Vonn went on. "Like I was skiing. But at some point the body may say: 'No, it's too much' I don't know where Roger stands in this process." According to Federer, it’s the triumphant feeling with a shower of love from his fans that keeps him going.

“I just hope that everything will go well with the knee. I still have many wishes. I will just give it my all. I hope I can give the fans beautiful victories again and some beautiful emotions”. Tennis fans will see Roger Federer in March competing for the Qatar Open title in Doha.

He is looking forward to a big and exciting season, and so are his ardent fans. The 103 ATP titles winner has one of the most prominent careers in tennis history. And to set an end date on it is unfathomable. However, the Swiss maestro is still passionate about tennis and wants to see where it leads him.