'While he is more than likely going to overtake Federer and Nadal...', says analyst

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'While he is more than likely going to overtake Federer and Nadal...', says analyst

Former Australian player Sam Groth recently wrote an article about Novak Djokovic, highlighting how his off-pitch attitude and some stances have seriously damaged his public image. Not surprisingly, the number 1 in the world often ends up being portrayed as the villain compared to eternal rivals Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, by far the two most popular tennis players of the modern era (and perhaps of every era).

The former world number 53 has had a decent doubles career, having reached the semi-finals at Roland Garros in 2014 as the best overall result. At the age of 33, he has now taken on the role of commentator and often expresses interesting points of view also in the press.

In his article, Groth made a detailed comparison between Djokovic's popularity and that of the Federer-Nadal duo. Although Nole has a good chance of breaking their records, she is unlikely to have the same love of the Swiss and the Spaniard from fans.

Groth on Novak Djokovic's legacy

"Novak Djokovic’s playing alongside two of the most popular and phenomenal tennis talents the sport has ever known," Sam Groth wrote. "And while he is more than likely going to overtake Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal for most Grand Slam titles ever won, he will never attract the universal support they do.

I feel for him in that respect. Every great era needs a villain. And he’s become just that." It is a great day for tennis fans as World No.1 Novak Djokovic is up against Alexander Zverev in the quarters of the Australian Open 2021.

Even though Zverev won the first set in the close tie-breaker, Djokovic bounced back and won the second set quite easily. However, things were not really easy for the Serbian legend in the match. In the third set, fans witnessed a racquet smash from Novak Djokovic yet again.

The World No.1 was trailing 1-3 in the third set of the match, and the score was 40-40 in the fifth game. Alexander Zverev took the serve, and Djokovic used his backhand to return the serve. However, he could not return that effectively and the ball hit the net.

Djokovic, unhinged, smashed the racquet straight on the ground. Novak Djokovic will surely want to overcome this practice as he is an inspiration to many young fans. He is fighting hard against Zverev right now and will surely want to win this match. Will Djokovic be able to win his 18th Grand Slam title in Melbourne this year?