'There’s a lot to say Roger Federer’s the best of all time', says legend

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'There’s a lot to say Roger Federer’s the best of all time', says legend

Although his records are increasingly at risk, Roger Federer is almost unanimously regarded as the greatest player of any era. Last year, the Swiss phenomenon had to cash in on Rafael Nadal’s engagement with 20 Grand Slam titles, after the Spaniard won Roland Garros for the umpteenth time.

World number 1 Novak Djokovic is three points away but - thanks to the new ranking system - has an excellent chance of breaking the Swiss record by weeks at the top of the ATP ranking. The Basel legend has been absent from the circuit for over a year now, thanks to the two operations on his right knee which he underwent in 2020.

After missing the Australian Open for the first time in the last 23 editions, King Roger will make his return on the pitch in Doha in the second week of March. Federer should also participate in the Dubai tournament, at least according to what has been leaked in the last few hours.

In a recent interview on Fox Sports, the legendary Rod Laver praised the Maestro's impact on sport in general.

Rod Laver on Roger Federer

"For me, I think Roger Federer is the champion of his era," Rod Laver said.

"I think he’s certainly, you know, you look at his record and there’s a lot to say he’s the best of all time." While Roger Federer is absent from the ongoing Australian Open due to a knee injury, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are both through to the quarterfinals and could add to their title count this week.

In that context, Rod Laver is not ruling out the possibility of the status quo changing in the future, as the Spaniard and the Serb continue to chase further Grand Slam glory. "But give some of the other guys a little bit more time, maybe they’ll come up and meet and be as good as Roger," Laver added.

"Djokovic is certainly on his way (along with Nadal), because he won a huge amount of tournaments and his consistency is amazing." Time and again, over the course of his illustrious career, Rafael Nadal has expressed that his love for the sport keeps him motivated more than anything to keep going.

Once again, Nadal spoke about the values he cherishes the most in life as well as his career, and personal satisfaction is on the top of the priority list for the 34-year-old superstar. “I like tennis and I like what I’m doing.

That’s the main thing. Of course, I am very motivated to win Grand Slams and to play in the most important events in the year. No doubt about that,” Nadal said in his post-match interaction.