'I think Roger Federer can win more tournaments', says ATP legend

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'I think Roger Federer can win more tournaments', says ATP legend

Roger Federer has been away from the circuit for over a year now and his return is expected in Doha in the second week of March. On Monday evening, it was announced that the 39-year-old from Basel will also take part in the ATP 500 in Dubai, thus making his attendance at the Masters 1000 in Miami unlikely.

Thanks to the new ranking system introduced to mitigate the effects of the pandemic, the 20-time Grand Slam champion has maintained a place in the Top 5 despite having played zero games in the last twelve months. King Roger will try to be ready for his big goals, which will be Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics in the summer.

During an interview on Fox Sports, the legendary Rod Laver analyzed in detail the prospects of the former number 1 ATP. Federer and Laver have developed a very close bond over the years, so much so that an initiative by Team8 has propitiated the creation of the Laver Cup (the fourth edition of which will be staged in Boston next September).

Rod Laver comments on Roger Federer

Rod Laver has a developed a close personal equation with Roger Federer over the years, and the Swiss even named Team8's showcase event after the Australian legend. Laver believes that Federer, who has talked about playing on the tour until the age of 40 in their personal discussions, can still add to his trophy cabinet when he returns.

"Roger, when I chatted to him the past year or so, he thought he’d play his best until he’s 40 and I think he’s pretty much on it," Laver said. "Unfortunately, you know, his knee has been giving him some trouble.

So he had an operation on the knee that will set him in good position. I wouldn’t think too much about him winning the French, but I think Wimbledon is certainly going to be there and the US Open," the Aussie legend said.

"I think he can win more tournaments." This the first time in 23 years that the Swiss Maestro has pulled out from the Melbourne Slam. The reason for this decision was the failure to fully recover in time to gain match fitness following the two surgeries on his knee in 2020.

He didn’t feel that his fitness was up to the mark and hence withdrew from the Australian Open. Now, it has been nearly 13 months since Roger has stepped onto the court. He surely wants to return as soon as possible, but he is not going to put his body at risk in the process.