WTA legend jokes: 'I think he just wants to stay in Burj Al Arab again'

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WTA legend jokes: 'I think he just wants to stay in Burj Al Arab again'
WTA legend jokes: 'I think he just wants to stay in Burj Al Arab again'

After confirming his return to the field in Doha, Roger Federer will also participate in the 500 in Dubai. The Swiss will take part in the tournament in the third week of March, is confirmed in the entry list. It was Roger himself who confirmed his return to the field in Doha, in the week from 8 to 13 March.

From 14 to 20, however, he will be busy in Dubai. Although he has forfeited the Australian away game, the Swiss believes he has the necessary form to face the two close matches. The last participation in an official tournament is a year away, with the semi-final lost at the Australian Open 2020 in three sets against the n.

1 of the world Novak Djokovic. Of course, the presence of the master in Dubai is to be questioned should the condition of his leg suddenly worsen. In that case Federer could not aim for the ninth victory in the rich tournament of the United Arab Emirates.

It should be added that the tournament has always been a terrain of conquest for Roger, who won the last in 2019 against Stefanos Tsitsipas for 64 64. That victory marked the triumph no. 100 in ATP tournaments. Roger Federer has added the Dubai Championship to his 2021 season schedule as he ramps up preparation for his comeback to tennis.

Federer will play in Dubai next month for the first time since 2012. After his plan to play in Dubai was confirmed, Martina Navratilova expressed it was good to see the Swiss sensation return to the region.

Navratilova on Roger Federer

Martina Navratilova joked: "I think he just wants to stay in Burj Al Arab again, but amazing!

It’s great to see Roger Federer back, it’s about time for him sitting for over a year. So I’m glad he’s healthy and playing again”. Federer's decision to compete in the ATP 250 tournament will mean he doesn't have to over-exude himself should any injury issues resurface.

While the tournament is only worth 250 points towards the tour, the competition will be fierce. Dominic Thiem, Andrey Rublev, Gael Monfils and Stan Wawrinka will all compete in Dubai. However, the rusty Federer is also the mighty Federer, and he has always dominated all the aforementioned names with his stinging play.

Also notably, his participation in the Dubai event will depend on how his body reacts to the Qatar event. The event will kick off on March 8th and the world will cheer for the arguable GOAT.