'Roger Federer won't be very match-fit but...', says former ATP star

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'Roger Federer won't be very match-fit but...', says former ATP star

A year without Roger Federer is like the world without the sun, an infinite pain, but it is also a preparation for two, three, four, ten years without Federer. I would still like to see that divine gesture, that backhand, that volley, that sublime lightness that accompanied each shot, but I was told that everything ends, that everything goes out, how the sky at Wimbledon went out, Sunday 14 July 2019, on the two match point against Djokovic.

I would have liked it all to end there, after the victory, however, that the curtain would close with a clean tear, with an irrevocable decision, putting aside sponsors, other games and other dreams, instead a ball ended up just outside, and another , pulled by the Serbian, Federer passed, it would be better to write the pierced him, as he approached the net without conviction, just to throw the body forward and see how it would turn out.

Then the ailments, injuries, surgery, the fall of unforgiving time. Yet, from Dubai, where the champion continues to train, the news arrives that prepares the return. However, Roger Federer's inactivity and age have led several fans into questioning his competitive level when he returns.

In that context, Swiss tennis expert Heinz Gunthardt recently spoke to the German website Tagesanzeigher.ch about Federer's comeback.

Gunthardt on Roger Federer

"It’s going to be one of the greatest challenges you've ever seen in tennis, no question about it.

A couple of things have to come together. Roger Federer has to move well, build his confidence, also in his body," Heinz Gundhardt said. The Swiss tennis expert also claimed that Federer's movement will be key in his comeback.

"It is possible, but he must certainly serve well," Gunthardt replied when he was asked whether it was realistic of the fans to expect Federer to play at a high level. "It's also clear that he won't be very match-fit, but it's not the main problem.

The big question is how good he will be moving." During the interview, the Swiss tennis expert was also asked whether Roger Federer could push for the title at Wimbledon this year. Gunthardt replied in the positive, given that Federer has achieved eight triumphs at the All-England Club.

"Absolutely. Why not?" Gunthardt quipped. Meanwhile, Djokovic had quite clearly kept his best tennis for the last as he overwhelmed the in-form Russian Daniil Medvedev in a display of high-class tennis, ending Medvedev’ss unbeaten run since last year and also his hopes of lifting his maiden Grand Slam trophy.