'Roger Federer is certainly still a candidate for the title', says former Top 5

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'Roger Federer is certainly still a candidate for the title', says former Top 5
'Roger Federer is certainly still a candidate for the title', says former Top 5

Roger Federer's historic athletic trainer Pierre Paganini has provided the most up-to-date news in recent days about the Swiss champion's recovery path from injury, which will allow him to return to the field in the Atp 500 tournament in Dubai.

Paganini spoke very honestly: “The path is long, we are working hard to help him find speed. Roger has been playing with his right knee not 100 percent for years, but he has always managed to manage this gap on the pitch.

It is unthinkable that after 13 months of hiatus he will be able to return to top form ". As many remember, Federer had to undergo a long break from tennis played also in 2016 and upon his return in 2017, he won two Majors (Australian Open and Wimbledon).

Also in this case, Paganini clarifies: "The big difference is that now his muscles are much more deteriorated, both because he has been standing still longer, and because his age is more advanced". The athletic trainer, in this sense, recognizes Roger a great gift: "Without his patience, another person would have already said enough for some time.

He certainly thought about retiring, but if he decided to have an operation it is because in his heart he always thought he could come back”. At 39, this is certainly one of the most difficult and fascinating sporting challenges ever.

For most of his fans, the sight of Roger Federer lifting another Wimbledon trophy would be a dream come true. It would also be the proof they need that the Swiss extend his career beyond 2021. But not for Michael Stich; the former World No.

2 believes that a ninth Wimbledon title would serve as the perfect setting for Federer to announce his retirement.

Stich on Roger Federer's last chance in London

"You should never write Roger Federer off because he is a player who has a gifted set of skills that help him to still play tennis that good at his age," Michael Stich said.

"But especially at Wimbledon, Roger Federer is certainly still a candidate for the title, because there he has this mental strength, because there he has the greatest joy." In that context, Michael Stich claimed he would like to see the younger generation take over while the Big 3 are still active, rather than wait for the legends to fade away.

"It's up to the young generation now and they are no longer 19," Stich said. "They are all 22, 23, 26. Dominic Thiem achieved it at the US Open. One would of course wish that they actively shape this transition, but that is looking into the future.

As a spectator and fan, I naturally wish that the passing of the torch would still happen during the active time of the 'Big 3'," Stich continued. "It's the big goal of all young players that they would like to beat a Roger Federer, a Novak Djokovic, and a Rafael Nadal in a Grand Slam final."

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