'There is something so special and charming about Roger Federer', says expert

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'There is something so special and charming about Roger Federer', says expert

The strongest tennis players in the world are millionaires. Fresh winner of the Australian Open, Novak Djokovic earned over € 140 million in prizes alone. All the top ten, fifteen players in the ranking bring home important checks, but there are many tennis players who cannot make ends meet, and after the long suspension for Covid many players have suffered financially.

The jackpots of many tournaments, including level ones, have decreased, as will be the case for Miami (scheduled for later this month). The ATP has been trying to find a solution for some time, it has established a bonus of 5,000 euros for all players positioned from the 200th position onwards.

While it has been made official that the prize pools of the '250' and '500' tournaments up to Wimbledon will increase and it will be thanks (also) to Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Because the best players, those placed in the top ten, will forgo the 'Bonus Pool' - real money.

Determinants were Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal who are part of the Council of players, both represent the big players and have shown with great intelligence that they understand the moment that many other tennis players are experiencing and have elegantly given up a portion of money, obviously together with the other tops (from Djokovic to Medvedev passing through Thiem and Tsitsipas), and have made it available for those who earn less.

In anticipation of Roger Federer’s long-awaited return to the tour, ATP recently spoke with two 'superfans' about their bond with the Swiss. One of those superfans is India’s Sunita Sugita, who has been supporting Federer since 2003 and has also watched over 100 matches of the 20-time Major champion.

Sugita on Roger Federer

While speaking with ATPtour.com, Sunita Sugita listed out the reasons that drew her to Roger Federer. According to her, the Swiss legend is a magnetic and warm person who treats his fans like they were his family.

"There is something so special and charming about him," Sugita said. "His game is there of course, the grace with which he plays. When you meet him, there is something that pulls you to him. You just get attracted to him, the way he treats us, he makes you feel like you are a part of his extended family."

Sugita revealed that she first watched her idol in action during the 2008 edition of Wimbledon. But her most special encounter with Roger Federer happened in 2012 at Basel, where the 39-year-old stunned her by remembering her name.

"I literally couldn’t stop shaking the first time I saw him on Centre Court (at Wimbledon)," Sugita went on. "I almost collapsed when he called me by my name (in Basel). I don’t remember what I said to him. I was speechless. He remembered my name!"