'I’m going to spend all my money on Roger Federer', says huge fan

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'I’m going to spend all my money on Roger Federer', says huge fan

Important news in the world of tennis regarding rankings and prize pools. The benefits come especially for Roger Federer, who will save several points he scored in 2019, and for many players who have seen their finances plummet after the pandemic.

The ranking will be frozen until 8 March, but there will be a news soon after. Until August 17, in fact, tennis players will be able to keep 50% of the points obtained in 2019 in tournaments not played in 2020. If players in 2021 do not improve the result in the tournaments played from March 4 to August 5 2019, they would keep , 50% of the points obtained.

There will also be protected ranking for players affected by Covid-19 for more than four weeks. Roger Federer will be one of the players who will benefit most from this new rule. The Swiss would have seen a significant amount of points vanish (out of all the 1000 won in Miami, where he will not play).

With this new rule he will be able to keep 800 points won between Indian Wells and Miami, in addition to 90 in Madrid and 600 in Wimbledon. This will not prevent him from falling one position in the standings at the end of the American tournament: Stefanos Tsitsipas will overtake him (even with a victory in Doha by the maestro).

The increase in the prize pool of the Atp250 and Atp500 tournaments is of fundamental importance. The minimum threshold to be guaranteed will pass to 80% and 60% compared to 50% in the pre-Covid era. It is estimated that, thanks to this move, prize money will be increased by approximately $ 5.2 million and will be financed with the redistribution of the Bonus Pool (originally dedicated only to top players).

In anticipation of Roger Federer’s long-awaited return to the tour, ATP recently spoke with two 'superfans' about their bond with the Swiss. One of those superfans is India’s Sunita Sugita, who has been supporting Federer since 2003 and has also watched over 100 matches of the 20-time Major champion.

Sugita on her passion for Roger Federer

"I cannot calculate it all," Sunita Sugita said. "But it's always worth it. Roger Federer is my passion, he’s my idol. I’m going to spend all my money on him."

For Sugita, it matters little if Roger Federer doesn't end his career with the most Slams or even if he fails to add to his current tally of 20. Federer will always hold a special place in her heart, irrespective of his tennis feats.

"He has given us everything he has," Sugita added. "It’s not just about numbers, there is so much more to Roger than the number 20 [Majors]. I don’t want to cry when he retires, I want to celebrate him."