'Roger Federer has given us everything he has', says expert

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'Roger Federer has given us everything he has', says expert

In the Race to Turin for the ATP Finals, three big names are missing from the eight that would qualify for the final phase: Rafael Nadal, Dominic Thiem and Roger Federer. The absence of the Swiss is logical, but those of the Spaniard and the Austrian make us reflect.

Okay, we are still in March and it doesn't make much sense to look at the rankings for the Race to Turin 2021. However, it is a sensation to see out of the best eight two players who respectively occupy the second and fourth place in the world ranking.

Rafa is out because he "only" confirmed last season's result in Australia. This year he surrendered in the quarterfinals in front of a splendid Stefanos Tsitsipas, who won in five sets in an all-out battle. The Austrian even went out immediately with Nick Kyrgios and, net of the final won last year, he lost a large number of points.

The two will certainly have a lot of time to recover and to recover the points lost for now. Different speech for Federer who was unable to defend last season's semifinal. His points are still at zero, but he will already be able to improve his score starting from the tournaments on Arab hardcourt.

In anticipation of Roger Federer’s long-awaited return to the tour, ATP recently spoke with two 'superfans' about their bond with the Swiss. While speaking with ATPtour.com, Sunita Sugita listed out the reasons that drew her to Roger Federer.

According to her, the Swiss legend is a magnetic and warm person who treats his fans like they were his family.

Sugita on Roger Federer's retirement

"There is something so special and charming about Roger Federer," Sunita Sugita said.

"His game is there of course, the grace with which he plays. When you meet him, there is something that pulls you to him. You just get attracted to him, the way he treats us, he makes you feel like you are a part of his extended family."

Going around the globe to watch tennis tournaments is a very expensive affair, but one that is worth every penny for Sunita Sugita. The Indian indirectly admitted to having spent extensively on her travels to watch Roger Federer, but asserted that it was money well spent.

For Sugita, it matters little if Roger Federer doesn't end his career with the most Slams or even if he fails to add to his current tally of 20. Federer will always hold a special place in her heart, irrespective of his tennis feats.

"He has given us everything he has," Sugita added. "It’s not just about numbers, there is so much more to Roger than the number 20 [Majors]. I don’t want to cry when he retires, I want to celebrate him."