'Roger Federer will play top-level tennis again', says former No. 1

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'Roger Federer will play top-level tennis again', says former No. 1

The history of tennis is not only nourished by the exploits of great champions, spectacular victories and epic clashes. There are moments, little stories with a small "s", that enter people's hearts, sublimating the beauty of sport, which offers a chance to anyone who truly believes in it.

A metaphor for life, which found confirmation in 2016 when the British Marcus Willis amazed the world of tennis first by qualifying in the main draw of the most famous tournament in the world, Wimbledon, and then entering the second round, giving himself the central against his majesty Roger Federer, the host of the All England Club.

Willis has decided this year to hang up his racket permanently, disappointed by a world that has given him the most intense emotion of his life but which has prevented him in recent years, according to his words, from transforming this passion into a real job.

Little money, few opportunities, especially in this year, marked by the pandemic and the economic difficulties that have violently hit a world as wealthy as that of tennis. Thirty years old, a body perhaps not very suitable to be an athlete, but compensated by a talented arm and a ferocious determination conveyed by the emotions of a dreamer, Willis has decided to quit professionalism to train the kids and maybe allow them to reach that feat that he himself managed to give himself in 2016.

Roger Federer is slated to make his much-awaited return to the tour at next week’s Qatar Open in Doha. Given that Federer has been out of action for more than a year, many have been wondering about the level of tennis that the Swiss star is likely to display in his comeback.

Some experts reckon Roger Federer might struggle to find his footing on the tour, but Andy Murray has no such qualms. The former World No. 1 believes that Federer would have put in the hard yards to ensure that he remains competitive even at the age of 39.

Murray talks about Roger Federer

"I just want to get out and compete and just enjoy doing what I am doing. I imagine Roger Federer would be the same," Andy Murray said. "I am sure he has been training hard and is excited to get back out there and compete.

I am sure in time, providing that his body is good, that he will play top-level tennis again, because he is that good." Andy Murray didn't rule out the possibility of Roger Federer slowing down a tad, but he asserted that the Swiss is skilled enough to get the better of a majority of the players on tour.

"Even if there is a slight drop-off physically for him, I would back his skill against most players, I am sure he will be fine," Murray added.