'Even if there is a slight drop-off physically for Roger Federer...', says ATP ace

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'Even if there is a slight drop-off physically for Roger Federer...', says ATP ace

His return to the field was very difficult and the British Andy Murray continues to be a very popular player on the circuit. His work in the ATP tournament in Rotterdam saw him protagonist of a great and hard battle in the first round of the Rotterdam tournament with the Scotsman who was one step away from elimination, but who in the end managed to win the pass for the second round where he will challenge the Russian Andrey Rublev in today's big match.

In the course of a recent interview, the former number one in the world revealed that thanks to watching the Netflix documentary 'The Social Dilemma' he has decided to delete the Twitter and Instagram profiles from his phone.

Murray had a really difficult period also because, through social media, the Scot received several comments from people who asked him to withdraw from the circuit. However, these are not the reasons for his choice to move away from the social world.

During the documentary The Social Dilemma, several former employees of the world's leading social media sites described how they monitored every step on the Internet in the course of their work. Roger Federer is slated to make his much-awaited return to the tour at next week’s Qatar Open in Doha.

Some experts reckon Roger Federer might struggle to find his footing on the tour, but Andy Murray has no such qualms. The former World No. 1 believes that Federer would have put in the hard yards to ensure that he remains competitive even at the age of 39.

Murray reflects on Roger Federer

Andy Murray didn't rule out the possibility of Roger Federer slowing down a tad, but he asserted that the Swiss is skilled enough to get the better of a majority of the players on tour.

"Even if there is a slight drop-off physically for him, I would back his skill against most players, I am sure he will be fine," Murray added. Murray expressed sympathy towards the Swiss in that regard, before adding that Federer is capable enough to find his way without any outside advice.

"I think obviously, he’s gone through, you know, a difficult time for the last year and had the second knee surgery and stuff," Murray said. "So yeah, [sympathy] from that aspect, but he doesn’t need any advice."

The players who saw a lot of success at the 2019 and 2020 seasons stand to gain form the rankings decision by the ATP. Roger Federer, who recently withdrew from the Miami Masters ahead of his highly anticipated comeback, will receive 500 points from that tournament without even participating in it.

The Swiss maestro is set to appear in Doha and Dubai, both tournaments where he has points to gain; the new system will help him ease his way back to the tour. Novak Djokovic, meanwhile, has the option of skipping the Rome Masters this season - an act that will see him drop just 500 points. The Serb is also guaranteed to retain at least 600 points from his runner-up finish at last year's French Open.