'Even after his last injury break, Roger Federer showed...', says former ace

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'Even after his last injury break, Roger Federer showed...', says former ace

Next week in the ATP 250 in Doha Roger Federer returns to play a tournament after more than a year. Let's add a "finally", since we have missed it a lot, and we serve with a thread of uneasiness. Because at almost 40 years old - he will turn them on 8 August - after two knee surgeries (in February and June) and with Roger as a family, it is legitimate to ask: yes, but which Federer? And for how long? The last known competitive home of the Genius is the semi-final of the Australian Open lost on January 30, 2020 against Novak Djokovic.

On February 7th there was the mega performance in Cape Town against his other kryptonite Rafa Nadal, then he closed the Wilson in the bag and allowed himself to the public almost only to dribble on the terraces of Finale Ligure together with Sofia and Carlotta.

Former player Rainer Schuettler recently claimed that Roger Federer's status in the sport will not suffer a dent even if the Swiss star struggles upon his return.

Roger Federer benefits from recent ATP rankings update

"What Roger Federer has achieved and achieved in his career will always remain outstanding," Rainer Schuettler said.

"He has broken so many records and won tournaments that even a few defeats would not change that." Following the news of his Miami withdrawal, some fans surmised that Federer’s body was yet to attain full fitness and that playing a lot of tournaments could aggravate the issue.

But Rainer Schuettler suggested that such a plan was in the works for a long time, and he cited how Federer always carefully schedules his season to give his body some breathing space. "Roger organizes his tournament schedule and his return to the tour very meticulously and precisely," Schuettler said.

"Even after his last injury break, Roger showed that a longer break can be expected," Schuettler went on. "He has so much experience and knows his body extremely well." Since tennis resumed from the coronavirus break in August 2020, the ATP has been following the ‘best of’ method for its rankings.

The ‘best of’ method considered the best performance of the players between 2019 and 2020. This safeguarded players from losing their points in case they didn’t want to travel during the troublesome COVID-19 period.

Thus Federer didn’t drop much in the rankings despite playing only one tournament in 2020. Now ATP had extended the above method, till mid-March 2021. This again benefitted Federer as he further missed the start of 2021 season.

But now it was thought that Federer would lose 1000 points from Miami Open 2021 as it begins in the last week of March and had the Swiss master as its defending champion.